Sharad Yadav JDU distances from BJP on Bansal Issue

When asked by the media about his stand on the Union Railways Minister Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal’s issue (where in, Mr. Bansal’s sister’s son is arrested yesterday); Mr. Yadav distanced himself from the JDU ally, the BJP.

To summarize, this is what Mr. Sharad Yadav said on the issue,

If Mr. Bansal is linked to the so called “Bribe for Promotion” incident; then let the agencies investigate that. Having one’s nephew involved in a bribe racket doesn’t mean the Railways minister has sure links to it. Every Minister has thousand relatives. What a relative does, doesn’t cast a blame on the minister. Today he’s the minister, tomorrow you will become one. Until it’s proved, the accusations of Rs 90 Lakh kickback are baseless. Pawan Bansal is in public life for decades now; haven’t you seen his conduct. You are (BJP) targeting Bansal for totally rubbish reason. It’s wrong to ask for resignation all the time. You can’t stall the parliament on any issue you deem fit.

Sharad Yadav JDUSharad Yadav’s party JDU may be an ally of BJP. The recent dynamics between BJP and JDU may not be that smooth of late. But that doesn’t make Mr. Sharad Yadav’s views on Bansal issue, less weighty. The moment Mr. Yadav tags the statement as his personal view, makes it clear that what he said is honest and not some politics. Actually, Mr. Yadav is known for speaking his heart (or truth) on the toughest of issues. Recent examples are the Anna Hazare, Lokpal and FDI in retail.

In this particular incident as well, Mr. Yadav rightly points that a minister can’t be accused for the acts of his relatives (unless the investigation proves the contrary). Immediate family is one thing, sister’s son is entirely another.