Sharmaji’s mother Ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan goes Off Air?

Two Masala Advertisements are on air these days. One of the ads being aired from early this week is of Everest Masala (Spice). The other ad which is NOT being aired now belonged to … Cannot say whom! (The advertisement cannot be found on online, although one can recall it from “Sharmaji ki Maa itna besvaad Khana Banati hain” or ‘Sharmaji’s mother makes such a tasteless food’ pitch).

Because both the TV advertisements feature Amitabh Bachchan, let’s assume that both the advertisements belonged to the same Masala Company.

That said, the “Sharma ji ki Maa” advertisement, which is not being aired now, was very distasteful. This comment is not on the Masala taste, but the content of the advertisement. The fact that Amitabh Bachchan was made to say it will not make the ad tasteful.

In the ad Amitabh Bachchan is shown saying — Sharma ji ki Maa itna besvaad khana banati hain, ki poochho mat. Mae toh kabhi chance nahin leta, aur jab bhi sharmaji khane par bulate hain, main apne saath ___masala le jata hoon! (Translation: Sharma ji’s mother makes such tasteless food, that whenever Sharma ji invites me for meal; I take along ___spice packet).

The ad is bad for one simple reason: You cannot say someone’s mother makes tasteless or unpalatable food. The reasoning applies to meal cooked by any lady. I’ve not find a single woman so far, who cooks food with half heart. That’s why when people don’t like the food served to them, they remain silent, simply give the nod of approval, or praise in comparative degree. You will hardly find someone who says — “she made tasteless food”. Thus the advertisement was not good. It’s good for the Company to take the Ad off-air.

The other advertisement, currently on air, is very good. In this Everest Chole Masala advertisement, Amitabh Bachchan has played a Principal who calls for a student’s mom. Unawares as to why the school has called for her, the mom is very tense. Amidst all the mounting tension, the ad ends in the Principal telling the concerned mother that her cooking reminds him of his mother. He wants to know how she manages to make such delicious Chole (Chickpeas). Listening to this, the mother is much relieved and; the tense expression one her face melts down to motherly love: Alright, I will make chickpeas for you (the Principal) . … Great Ad!