Shekar Suman’s Heartless tagline seems valid, Can’t Say of Movie

From my estimation, the movie Heartless will show the Actor Adhyayan Suman as the person ignoring or not valuing the loving feelings of the Girl, the actress Ariana Ayam.

Shekhar Suman’s Directorial debut, Heartless, is releasing tomorrow. The movie is being seen by movie experts as senior Suman’s desperate last attempt to establish his son, Adhayayan Suman, as a potent Bollywood actor.

Whether Shekhar Suman manages to do the magic for his son, will only be revealed tomorrow; but as of now the tagline of the movie, which is gloriously being mouthed by many blogs and websites online, seems valid. the tagline is: ‘You can Hurt a Heart, Only till it Loves You”.

Quite true, if the person you’re trying to heart, stops feeling any emotions for you; then any meaning whatsoever your hurtful acts have, cease to exist. “Jangal Ein More Nacha, Kisne Dekha” (who saw the dancing peacock in a forest? The answer is: No one), as they say. It’s the consciousness of an event of act, which makes us feel.

Shekar Suman, Adhyayan Suman, Heartless, upcoming movie, love, heart broken, kangana ranautIn some pre release Heartless promotion, Shekhar Suman, emphatically said that the Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut was one of the the most negative influences in his son’s life. And its’s great that she’s not in his life now. This is another piece of Wisdom from Shekhar Suman for all heart broken young men out there (Referring only to young men, as young women usually don’t act the way men do).

The Wisdom: When the love is One sided, that’s when love is not mutual, the person who loves the other person unilaterally is always unhappy. Unhappy to the extent that he wastes a lot of time, energy, opportunities. In some cases he destroys his entire life. But the fault doesn’t lie on the  person his young man loves. For the simple reason that: The person target of such a one sided love is not aware of such love. As this person’s heart (read, the Girl’s heart) doesn’t feels such emotions (of Love).

Hence any young man in such one sided love can do one Thing: Summon all the courage he has and let know the other person know the feelings he feels for her. If she accepts good. If she doesn’t, then either he can keep loving the person unilaterally, with the hope that her heart will melt eventually; or he must say bye and move on.

In case the Girl reciprocates the same emotions, then thank God or any other Power up there,  and move ahead with a life of mutual love. But have a heart to fully understand that things can go down, even when the love is mutual. Love is an emotion right, and just like any other emotion, love also intensifies or dims with  time. Studies show, only a small number of loves, end up in nuptials (a wedding  or marriage). If your love dpesn’t see the wedding, then there’re much consoling stats and fellow humans to make you happy.

In no case, harbour a grudge for the person for not loving you the way you love him/her. If you believed in love, or if you’e a true soldier of Love, then you must have the heart to accept the defeat. Hence, Wish the other person well, Hope for her happy life, and Move on with your life. You’ll surely get many opportunities in life ahead, where the love will be mutual.

From my estimation, the movie Heartless will show the Actor Adhyayan Suman as the person ignoring or not valuing the loving feelings of the Girl, the actress Ariana Ayam. The plot will be quite logical. as Heartless is not the comeback movie of Ariana, it’s the resurrection attempt for Adhyayan. But from the look of Adhyayan’s career so far, it appears, it’s the Junior Suman who took a lot of time to come to terms with his one sided love for Kangana. You must not commit the mistake Adhyayan committed in his real life. Life is too precious to be stagnated!

PS: According to some reports, the Sumans have taken all out risk with Heartless. The family’s hard earned money has gone into the movie. Alka Kapur, Shekhar Suman’s wife is the Producer. And there’s a massive buzz that the movie is about the awareness about Anaesthesia — The act of sedating a patient before a surgery. Linking Anaesthesia to the plot, the Heartless movie is widely been promoted as being based on the true story of Aayush Suman, another son of Sumans, who passed away at the age of 11 due to a heart ailment. You watch the movie tomorrow and see for yourself, what this Heartless movie is all about. I think, more than anything, it’ll be about what we discussed in the main write-up.