Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Great Indian Diet… Big FAT MYTH: Book Review

I’ve always been a foodie and loved my Idli Sambar more than anything else. I also have been a Shilpa Shetty fan for the way she’s managed her post retirement. These are the main reasons for my choosing to read this book by Shilpa Shetty Kundra and renowned Nutritionist Luke Coutinho.

In spite of my occasional flirting with junk foods, pizzas and western foods, I’ve always loved my good South Indian food along with the lighter North Indian thali. In spite of my laziness to exercise and my hogging on Idlis, I had remained fairly fit with a steady weight of 64 kilos till Hypothyroidism overtook me and demolished my confidence over past 4 years. I had almost lost all hopes of returning to my normal weight from my current high of 75 kilos. But Shilpa and Luke have given me hope. Real sound hope and not just a flash in the pan.

The The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH
is a very cleverly compiled book with inputs from the Nutritionist Coutinho and the Actor-cum-Mom. It gives us well organised details about what an Indian diet is and its historical significance. It tells us what has gone wrong with our diet. It gives an idea about what makes a healthy meal. It elaborately explains the positives of the spices used, the legumes, the brown rice and many more wonderful aspects of Indian diet.

The book also tells us some healthy weight loss stories including one of Shilpa Shetty herself about how to came back to her normal body weight, post pregnancy and delivery. The last part deals with cook healthy to stay healthy aspect. We’re introduced to some healthy yet tasty recipes.

Unlike many preachy cook books or diet books, this one tells us why our Indian diet is actually a great thing. That’s such a fantastic thing to know.

On the negative side though, the book mentions vaccination as one of the causes of Cancer without any supporting evidence or details. Such a misleading thing could have been avoided.

Diet doesn’t work, change in lifestyle does is the key message and as a Doctor who’s spent 21 years working in Cardiac Intensive Care, I can’t agree less.

The book also devotes space to the Actor’s other favorite Yoga, meditation and wellness. There are some telltale photographs to illustrate the success of weight loss or rather fat loss. A lot of myths of India diet bring bad are busted and that’s really good to know.

This should be a definitely useful book for the youth who want to stay healthy and fit, the young mothers yearning to get back to shape, to the forty plus food lovers like me and the older people with screwed up metabolism.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Book Details:

The Great Indian Diet
Busting the big FAT MYTH
Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Luke Coutinho
Published by: Random House India in 2015
Printed at Thomson Press India Ltd, New Delhi
(A Penguin Random House Company)
180 Pages, Soft Cover
Cover photographs by Vikram Bawa
Cover design by Sidharth Dasari
Price: Rs. 299/-