Shinde’s Jhankaar Reply to Modi’s Hunkaar!

Some Petty questions and answers about Gandhis, Modis, Shindes, Hunkaar, Bihar Bomb Blasts and some petty lives. Petty Lives of Common Joes (The Common Man).


Question: What is Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s reply to the bombs exploding like crackers in Patna ahead of Diwali, In Modi’s Hunkaar Rally?

Answer: Jhankaar. Home-minister Sushil Kumar Shinde was dancing to glory at the launch of the music of ‘Rajjo’ starring Kangna Ranaut. This was Shinde’s ‘Jhankaar’ reply for Modi’s ‘Hunkaar’. See both the two words Rhyme closely as well.
Question: What does BJP call ‘Low intensity Bombs’?
Answer: Fire-crackers. It is definitely beyond imagination what would have happened if a stampede were to occur during such a huge rally. This Time a lie saved many lives. Imagine what would have happened if BJP would have called the Low Intensity bomb blasts as Real Bombs.
Question: What are the casualties of the event ?
Answer: Just 5 – 6 people dead and 80 odd injured. That is all. Lets move forward. The show must go on.
Question: What is the reaction of our Prime-Minster ?
Answer: He condemned the dastardly act of cowardice.
Question: Indian Mujahideen planned Patna blast for past 6 months says a report. The arrested suspects claim this is revenge for the Muslims killed in Muzaffarnagar violence. But the UP happened less than 2 months ago. Did they foresee both Muzaffarnagar and Patna in advance to plan it 6 months ago ?
Answer: Communal Modi is responsible for this tragedy. Nitish may have severed the ties with Modi; but the club JDU and BJP flocked during good times, is still having the same picture on the Dart Board. The picture that of Indian Mujahideen.
Question: What Rahul Gandhi is doing ?
Answer: He is worried about his mother breaking down at the sight of the arrested and tortured Indian Mujahideen responsible for the blasts. And he is also worried that his life also is at risk and his mother is worried about that too.
Question: What was BJP doing all this while?
Answer: Playing the guessing Game, titled ‘What Rahul Gandhi may be Doing now?’
Question: Nitish says ‘intelligence failure’ was responsible for the blasts. When and how did it happen ?
Answer: The ‘Intelligence Failure’ happened on 17 June 2013, when Nitish severed his long standing association with ‘Communal BJP’. He is becoming more and more unintelligible since then.