Insane! Man Pushes Trolly in Front of coming Train

In a UK Station, a Man Pushes a Platform Trolley in Front of a coming Train and Walks off. Is this a Case of Mischief or something more?

When it comes to public property, some people are really damaging. And this least care for public property is not linked to Money or Status. Noted Academic Pushpesh Pant, once linked the public spitting to the act of showing disrespect or challenging the Authority. To support his view, he gave the example of Russell Crow in movie Gladiator. According to Pant, the Gladiator Russell Crow (not General anymore) spit a ball whenever he had to show disrespect for the Ruling Class.

Adding further, Pant notes that those with least power practice public spitting. With power, he meant the power wielded by Politicians, bureaucrats and Social elite.

Pant’s Observation seems quite valid. People, who damage public property for reason or no reason, do so to say to the World, “Let’s see who stops me”.

British Transport Police are appealing for help in identifying a man who appears to have deliberately pushed a luggage trolley onto train tracks at Euston. The man, whose act is caught in a CCTV camera, was walking along platform one at Euston station with a suitcase at about 9pm on Tuesday, 6 August. The footage shows that as he approached a suitcase trolley, which was on the platform, he pushed it onto the tracks, before walking off from the scene. A short time later, a train arriving into the station struck the trolley, luckily causing no significant damage.