Shoes motivated Mariah Carey to Lose Weight

Pop Singer, Mariah Carey, who became the new Brand Ambassador for Jenny Craig’snew weight loss program ‘Jenny’ in November 2011 , gave food for thought to her admirers and weight loss enthusiasts.

mariah-careyDuring the new product launch event, Mariah revealed that it was her Shoes that helped her lose weight.

Mariah Carey says that she made her mind to shed her pregnancy weight after realizing that her bloated feet could no longer fit into her favourite shoes – her high heels which she realized she can’t live without.

Mariah who gave birth to twins in April 2011; acted on her realization and underwent a massive health transformation with the assistance from firm Jenny Craig in a bid to lose the baby weight.

Here is what Mariah exactly said about her shoe inspired weight loss:

“I felt pressure from myself… I did fear that I wouldn’t be able to get back into my shoes. I was like, ‘I have walls full of shoes’.”

Mariah Carey who has already shed a whopping 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms or about 1.2 Kilograms a week), insists she’s still need to lose weight; and bring her body back to its fitter days.

Mariah further added:

“Honestly, it’s so like, ‘Do I fit into my shorts from the Fantasy video? OK, I’m good.’ And I have those things (still). Honestly, it’s like, ‘Do I fit into my Heartbreaker jeans?’ (My body in the) Touch My Body (video) is a goal.”

Mariah has to lose weight for professional reasons as well. But you should be in no such hurry. If you manage to lose half a kg or 1 pound of excess weight a week; that will be fine.