Shooter Abhinav Bindra’s New Book first came in 2011

Abhinav Bindra’s New Book first came in 2011. got released this February 2014. Another book A Shot at History : My Obsessive Journey to Olympic Gold written by Rohit Brijnath Rohit Mehta came in September 2011. The two books may seem very similar author-wise and title-wise, but they are different.

A SHOT AT HISTORY again released in 11 February 2014 released on February 11, 2014 , is co-authored by Abhinav Bindra and Rohit Brijnath. The number of pages in the book is the same. That’s why can’t say, what value addition Olympic Gold medal winner has brought to the book. I accede that what I wrote earlier was factually incorrect. I accept my mistake, as I can’t say Rohit Mehta became Rohit Brijnath after marriage 🙂

Promoting his new book recently, Abhinav Bindra lauded the current shooters for their focus and confidence. A right observation, keeping in mind the necessity of mind training in sports, particularly at Olympics levels. Personal mind trainers usually accompany top athletes to top events. Right mental stimuli by the mental coach at the right moment can make or break the shot.