Should PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ be discontinued?

Many Newspapers and TV News Channels are reporting that Congress is not Happy with PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Hence it wants it to be discontinued.

Don’t know from when the present Government started paying heed to how Congress feels.

But if the Government actually sees merit in Congress’s protest; then it can take ‘Mann Ki Baat’ off air.

There are reasons which go against Mann ki Baat.

  • Don’t know whether you are aware of this rule or not, but in India you can’t air your views or analysis on Public policies on a radio. A radio broadcaster can broadcast the news, but it can’t analyse it. That’s why you hear just news bulletins in between radio shows. When PM Modi does his Mann Ki Baat (Heart Talk); he not only conveys his Government’s take on Government policies, pending bills etc. but also attacks the opposition.
  • The Government Radio broadcaster, where ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is broadcast, reaches every corner of the country. You as an educated person can weigh the PM Speak; but can that be said for a villager sitting in some remote village.
  • At present many among us may feel happy about such one-sided views (the Government View); but what will happen if these heart talks start affecting us. Let I give you an example. When the Land acquisition Bill was stalled by most of the opposition in the Parliament; PM took the matter directly to the farmers, and told them how farmer friendly the new Bill is. Fortunately, the opposition stood its ground, and the Government had to put the Bill in back burner. If the PM starts taking every complicated matter, having serious repercussions (results), directly to the people, surpassing the parliament; then from where the Nation will know the deficiencies in any Government Order or Bill or Law?
  • ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is nothing but an attempt by the ruling party to combine large chunks of vote banks across India. The idea is to give one side of the story to the people who do not weigh and consider much. Once this is attained then every dissenting voice (voice of any person who thinks him/her as a thinking person) will automatically get curbed down. Why? As the power to elect will go to these large chunks of vote banks.

This will not be a good situation; as matters including the Government Policies needed to be debated, so that people can know both the merits and demerits. People who read and write bring to fore demerits of any Policy, Rule or Action. If such voices become less important than it becomes difficult to know the real agenda behind any action.

Let I give you an Example.

In recent months, the term ‘Apprentice’ has been hailed (Praised) many a times by our PM and the Government.  The Government is presenting the term as if it’s the real and most beneficial form of job creation for India. As a young man Or a young woman, you very well know what an apprentice is. An apprentice is a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages. When the BJP led Government under Vasundhara Raje came to power in Rajasthan last year, the first thing it did was to change the ‘ Apprentices Act,1961’. And what changes did it make? I read the 37 pages of the new Act, and found the Act totally employer Centric. It has clauses such as:

…[for the failure on the part of the apprentice to carry out
the terms and conditions of the contract, the apprentice shall refund to the employer as cost of training, such amount as may be determined by the State Apprenticeship Adviser.]….

…[An employer can keep any number of workers as Apprentice.]…

…[the period of apprenticeship training shall be such as may be prescribed by State Apprenticeship Council]…

Does this mean if the Council (read Industry) thinks a person should be kept as apprentice for 6 years on minimum wages, then will that be accepted?

In short, going through the document, one feels that the Apprentices Act was changed simply to provide cheap labour to the industry. And the act is not keeping the worker welfare in mind. Else, why will it tell the apprentice to bear the training costs, if he/she leaves the apprenticeship?

Before making an assumption that the above changes affect the unskilled work force; let I tell you, the Act applies to — “trade apprentices , who are different from workers and unskilled workers in that trade:”

Imagine how will one react if the PM in his Mann Ki Baat decides to speak on the changed Apprentice Act, and presents it as Youth friendly!


If the Government wants to continue with the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ then it must allow the airing of views and analysis based programmes on radio as well.