Who actually shouted Anti-India, pro Afzal Guru Slogans in JNU?

The recent issue of anti-national slogans in JNU campus is more than what meets the eye.

This because, Kanhaiya Kumar, the person who’s arrested by Police on sedition charges is NOT actually been seen raising objectionable or anti-national slogans in any of the video footages so far being shown by media. In all such videos he’s seen talking about poor, tribals, high-handedness of Government, callousness of Government policies, problems of Youth etc. In short, what he was shown saying is giving voice to the poor and non-privileged in India. Not even he, but those close to him were NOT seen making any seditious slogans.

So from where the slogans had been coming from? From those who’re far from the Camera lens; and are never in the camera frame. And in NO media footage so far, given to them by the BJP MPs or BJP’s Student wing ABVP, you will see the seditious slogan makers.

The seditious slogan shouting in JNU seems to be an act of sabotage.

It seems to be an attempt to tag Jawahar Lal NehruUniversity a hub of anti-nationals. Earlier similar charges were made at Ambedkar University Hyderabad. Which is an unfortunate thing, as this way any public event can be made anti-national.

If the recent JNU slogan shouting is seen closely, then doesn’t look very different from an unknown groups of trolls who often raise Modi zindabad! slogans at the public functions of political rivals. No one knows beyond the information that they are Modi supporters.

The political parties need to ensure the non-misuse of their Caps and Flags.