Sidhu had become a liability for Bigboss 6

Former cricketer and present member of parliament from Amritsar, Navjot Singh Siddhu, had become a liability for Bigboss 6 ( means for the managers of reality TV show Big Boss 6). And Siddhu’s departure from the show may have come as a relief for them.

There are reasons for believing the same.

Firstly the privileged status of Siddhu, he being a Member of Indian Parliament, was restrictive for the very format of Big Boss. Big Boss which is primarily fueled by negative aspects of human personality, puts the inmates in such situations, which bring out discord and enmity between them. The tools for accomplishing these objectives, which include expletives, abuses, name calling, verbal fight, plots are normally the ones which can’t be used on an MP. You can’t call an MP a thieve, coward, or an idiot, can You? Not on his face. This automatically meant that with Siddhu at the helm, you can’t effectively create discord, enmities and quarrels in the Big Boss 6 House. Even a quarrel not involving Siddhu, poses a threat to the privileged status of an MP. Certainly a catch 22 situation for Big Boss 6, where neither he be quarreled with nor others may quarrel freely, with him in the vicinity.

The situation had become so tricky for BB 6 guys that they found themselves almost hand tied; where innocent looking activities like “put mischievous but appropriate tag under the inmate name” on the day of elimination can’t be carried on (Continued Till the Second Elimination, But even in these two, How Siddhu was tagged was not shown).

Secondly, Siddhu’s behavior inside the house appeared too simplistic to arouse any user interest. If people just have to content with “Siddhuism or Witty but Out of Context Siddhu Wisdom” they can watch the IPL.

Frankly speaking, the whole idea of Siddhu being ordered by BJP Top Brass to leave the BB6 House for canvassing for upcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat is a rootless idea. With no disrespect to Siddhu, he is not a star campaigner, who BJP will miss. More plausible reason than “Disparately needed for Gujarat Campaigns”, are the previous reports, which stated that BJP is not Happy with Siddhu for participating in BB6. Understandably, no political party will find its MP in a situation where disaster control becomes difficult. That said, general criticism for Siddhu’s participation has also some merit. If your MP is in some secluded island for 100 days, who will you approach for your Problems?

To conclude, the departure of Siddhu is Good for everyone, namely — Siddhu, Big Boss people, Viewers and Amritsar’s electorate. Gut feeling says, it is Good for one other party, the BJP. Big Boss House is a vicious place to live in. Especially for people with History and parties with “ideologies”.