Simmba Movie Review | 10 Carry Home Messages

Simmba Movie Review: 10 Carry Home Messages from Simmba and an Institution called Rohit Shetty Cinema!

Simmba by Rohit Shetty is not just another Hindi film. It is an institution in itself. It teaches us deep philosophy, “Never take anything in life seriously. Just forget and move on.” Even the worst cynic in the world will laugh watching Simmba; some at the antics of Ranveer Singh, some because of smart dialogues and some at themselves for buying tickets for this movie. But none of them will remember what it was about once they’re out of the audience. That’s a blissful state.

Simmba continues the tradition of Rohit Shetty borrowing from “Mass” movies from South Indian languages and Marathifying them for the Hindi audience. Simmba as I said earlier, is an institution and Rohit Shetty is the Dean. He’s given us Bajirao Singham earlier, Sangram Bhalerao or Simmba now and will follow up with Veer Suryavamshi later in 2019.

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Mumbai Police has three legends now and all three were Rohit Shetty’s humble contributions. Singham, Simmba and Suryavamshi. Not even the NDA has produced as many legends. Here are some carry home messages from Simmba.

1. Mumbai Police will forever be there to protect Goa from gangsters and drug peddlers.

2. All Mumbai Police heroes should have nicknames starting from S but not necessarily Shetty.

3. Mumbai Police heroes acquire crash proof SUVs that can smash through the walls of villain’s godowns without even a scratch to the headlights of the SUV.

4. A drug peddler villain might be the most heinous criminal but his mother sentiment is as strong, if not stronger than that of the hero.

5. Rohit Shetty doesn’t mind Simmba aping Chulbul Pandey in the first half but he must be like Bajirao Singham in the second half.

6. More people speak Marathi in Rohit Shetty movies than in entire Maharashtra. Even a Punjabi Dutta will have to speak Marathi in Rohit Shetty movie. Bal Thackeray must be a proud man.

7. Heroines and girls doing those cute little roles in Rohit Shetty movies are precious. They are all cute girls with precious little to do in the movies.

8. Rohit Shetty loves India but his heart is in Mumbai and aorta is in Goa. He seldom ventures out of these places. Even in Chennai Express, he takes SRK to Goa even though he sets out to go to Rameshwaram.

9. Rohit Shetty’s father was a famous bald villain in his days. Rohit Shetty loves his father and has made sure no baldy will ever be a villain again. Except heroine, all the male characters in Rohit Shetty movies are hirsutes who can inflict serious inferiority complex in Anil Kapoor.

10. Though Supreme Court hasn’t made it mandatory to leave your brains at home, it is extremely wise not to carry your brains to a Rohit Shetty movie.

PS: The additional “m” in Simmba has as much importance to its pronunciation as subtlety has in a Rohit Shetty movie. They both are silent !