Simon Cowell Unauthorized Biography hits US on April 24

British journalist and biographer Tom Bower, who has previously written unauthorized biographies of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, jailed media mogul Conrad Black and ex-Harrods owner Mohammad al-Fayed; has now come up with an unauthorized biography of Simon Cowell.

The book titled ‘Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell” which isg etting more media attention for Cowell’s colonic irrigations, Botox injections and vitamin drips, and him insisting on black toilet paper in his home; focuses on 52 year old entertainment mogul’s savvy business side, feud with Simon Fuller for the creator credit for ‘Idol’ and him tasting great success after 20 years of hardships.

About the Book:

Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell

by: Tom Bower

publisher: Ballantine Books, published: 2012-04-24

ASIN: 0345533941

EAN: 9780345533944

sales rank: 15277

price: $15.90 (new)

For this definitive biography, acclaimed journalist and bestselling author Tom Bower was granted unprecedented access to Simon Cowell and those around him—and the result is a fascinating multilayered portrait of one of the world’s most intriguing television personalities ever to dominate the music industry.

Simon Cowell has made an international name for himself as the no-holds-barred judge on the television phenomenon American Idol. He’s been called mean, arrogant, brash, and unapologetic, but his stinging barbs and smug personality have also earned him cheers from fans, as well as millions of dollars, a string of exotic beauties, and industry clout to develop his own projects. But Cowell’s true reward is revenge.

Sweet Revenge is the ultimate insider’s account of Simon Cowell’s rise to fame—even as others plotted his downfall—from his cheeky exploits as a British school lad to his failures as a frustrated young music exec in London to his explosive rivalry with Simon Fuller over the genesis of the Idol franchise to the PR disaster that nearly sunk his wildly successful show The X Factor. Conducting more than 150 interviews with industry power players, Cowell’s inner circle, and Cowell himself on a private jet, chartered yacht, at his L.A. home, and on the studio lot, Tom Bower pulls back the curtain on a man who is at once insecure, ambitious, easily bored, vain, needy, and driven, a man who will go to any limit to secure his success. Cowell is also revealed as a loyal friend and loving son. His father, to whom Cowell was particularly close, became his most trusted adviser and mentor.

Packed with juicy details, exclusive interviews, and never-before-revealed facts, Sweet Revenge presents a complete picture of Simon Cowell that few have ever seen.