Six Things to Know about Bitter Orange And Weight Loss

1) What is Bitter Orange:

Bitter Orange or citrus aurantium (biological name) is commonly used in American dietary supplements as a fat-burner, especially those that are labeled “ephedra-free. In simple words Bitter Orange is the fruit and peel extract of unripe oranges.

2) What it does:

Bitter orange-containing supplements often induce reduced hunger and hence faster weight loss. Some experts list “more energy” as a effect of bitter orange, but as bitter orange is said to suppress hunger, “more energy is logically not a feasible inductions”.

3) How prevalent is the use of bitter orange extracts in effecting weight loss:

As already said, it’s a common ingredient of many American dietary supplements. Historically, many cultures including Chinese and Indian use it either as such or as in some other state. In India, from time immemorial, honey and lemon with Luke warm water on empty stomach (after going to toilet in the morning) is considered health improving and assisting in weight loss. Many studies in countries outside US, like Germany have said positive things about bitter orange’s efficacy in losing weight.

4) What’s the controversy?

Some studies which appear from time to time, having backing from medical fraternity (some group or the other); say that as bitter orange suppresses hunger and for its chemical constitution; it may be associated with fainting, heart-rhythm disorders, heart attack, stroke that can result in consequences from simple uneasiness to fatal. Some studies even advice people to shun supplements with bitter orange supplements.

5) Finally, where does one find Bitter orange standing amongst these contrasting arguments?

The use of Bitter Orange in many clinically tested weight loss supplements not only in US and Europe, but all over the world; coupled with its use from time immemorial in one form or the other, in many ancient cultures; makes it hard to doubt the effectiveness of Bitter Orange in hastening the weight loss process. Add to this the positive feedback one receives from many weight loss aspirants.

But the one thing that needs, not to be swept under the carpet as some sort of conspiracy against Bitter Orange supplements is it being “associated with fainting, heart-rhythm disorders, heart attack, stroke that can result in consequences from simple uneasiness to fatal”.

As Bitter Orange suppresses hunger, it can result in all the above outcomes. If a person eats less than his/her requirements; he is bound to have low energy and related consequences.

Just to give a perspective:

Say a person is on a supplement that reduces hunger; so the person is eating less; although he/she may lose weight, but he/she is continuously carrying on his/her day to day activities in a less energy state. As body needs energy readily available (that is not the energy stored in body fat), the person will be in a low energy state all the time. Low energy state also means low concentration.

Now imagine the same person venturing on a Highway in this low concentration state. Won’t he/she getting him/her in a situation that can be fatal. If the person meets with an accident on the highway; Doesn’t he/she have to suffer the bad consequence of the supplement ?

I assume, you got the point I want to convey.

6) So what should be the right approach towards Bitter Orange:

The right approach to Bitter Orange Weight Loss supplements is what the Wisest man of Asia “Buddha” had said more than 2000 years ago: Exercise Moderation and choose the Middle Way

It’s true that more people die in a year of the side-effects of anti-inflammatory drugs and complications arising from excessive weight. But a careless approach towards Bitter Orange supplements is not advised either.

Try to know about your medical state before opting for any weight loss supplements. If your doctor allows you; make sure to exercise moderation. That’s use the supplement as a second fiddle to natural weight loss techniques: like workouts, brisk walking, eating balanced diet, eating junk food occasionally etc. In addition, don’t use different weight loss supplements simultaneously.

Unless someone has reached the state that’s called morbidly obese, anyone can lose weight by exercising moderate self discipline; the intensity of which can be increased with time. Any supplement should always be considered when one fails at losing extra pounds through the first method–that of moderate self-discipline (the reasons can be any from professional, personal, to medical).

It’s not essential for you to get a slim look by your graduation party, by your sister’s wedding or by your own wedding. What is necessary is to make a positive lifestyle change that starts and keeps you on the path of permanent weight loss.