Skipping Breakfast Raises Heart Attack Risks

Skipping Breakfast Raises Heart Attack Risks, reveals a new Study. So think twice before skipping Breakfast.


A packaged fruit juice TVC rightly points out how in the race between Office and Breakfast, the Office always wins. Although it’s altogether a different question, as to how healthy is gulping fruit juice empty stomach. That said, a new study says that skipping breakfast increases the chances of a heart attack. So, the next time you think that skipping breakfast is a cool and easy way to lose weight…. think again.

Skipping Breakfast Raises Heart Attack Risks, reveals a new Study. So think twice before skipping Breakfast.According to the study published in the American Heart Association journal, skipping breakfast can wreak an absolute havoc on your health and raises heart attack risk. All the beauty-conscious ladies out there need to take this word of caution seriously.

Males who skip breakfast are found to be at 27% higher risk of coronary heart disease than those who don not. As per a survey conducted, those who are younger, unmarried, less physically active or smokers are more likely to skip their first and the most important meal. Males who eat late night can also fall victim to the disease.

Skipping Breakfast May Lead to Several other Diseases Like: Obesity, high cholesterol levels and diabetes etc, studies have proved this. Also, it has been proved that 76% of late-night eaters do not skip their breakfast. So, think twice the next time you plan to skip your breakfast. This can never be a part of your health regime and may have disastrous results on your health.

Breakfast is an important meal. It can indeed be called the most important meal of the day. The breakfast’s elevated status among meals lies in its name. As the name suggests, breakfast ‘breaks the fast’.  If a person had taken dinner the previous night at 8:00 PM and he takes breakfast at 8:00 AM the next morning,he is eating food after 12 hours. This is half a day. If the person somehow skips the breakfast and eventually takes lunch at 1:00 PM, then his body remained without food for almost 18 hours OR 3/4th of a day. Hence Think twice before skipping breakfast.