Sleep and Weight Loss have a Link

Sleep and weight loss – How are these two connected?

Well according to a study by US scientists, Sleep and weight loss are much connected, making them conclude that People getting too little or too much sleep were less likely to lose, than those who are getting adequate sleep.

So if you are too stressed or missing sleep, or you are leading a too lazy lifestyle with too much sleep, then chances are that you are less likely to lose weight in the next six months; compared to if you are leading a low stress life and taking adequate sleep.

To understand why body reacts in such a manner to sleep deprivation OR over sleep; or why this connection between Sleep and weight loss; try to assume human body like a machine. This machine has divided the 24 hours in a day all through its working life to carry on different tasks, which it finds necessary for its right functioning. One of these tasks is to repair the daily wear and tear. And to perform this task, it has allotted the duration it goes to sleep. During this time, it lowers the intensity of most activities and goes in its maintenance undisturbed.
When a person, doesn’t take adequate sleep, he/she gives the brain the impression that the body is under some unfavorable condition- where there is shortage of everything rest, food etc. Hence to cope with the unfriendly conditions, the brain puts the body in alert or heightened state and in the anticipation of the more unfavorable conditions ahead, starts depositing food energy in the body as reserves. In contrast, when the person starts taking adequate sleep, the human brain gets an impression that the body is amidst very favorable environment where everything is in ample and there is no need to prepare for the current and future threats.

Regarding Over Sleep, the logic is way too simple – By sleeping more than what is adequate, a person is encroaching on the time duration the body has allotted for some other vital function – may be Activity.

So if you are trying desperately to lose weight; but ignoring the Sleep factor; Remember that Sleep and Weight Loss have a link, which should not be ignored. Here is a good book, Restful Insomnia: How to Get the Benefits of Sleep Even When You Can’t . Read it. It will Help.