Sleep and Weight Loss have an Important Connection

If you are trying to lose weight: then in addition to eating right, you should also be ensuring that you are getting enough sleep; doing which will help you lose right kind of weight.

Sleep and Weight Loss have an Important Connection, says a study published recently.

According to the study,

Cutting your time in bed from 8 & a 1/2 hours to 5 & a 1/2 hours causes you to lose proportionally less fat.

In the study, a group of dieters were made to lose weight in two different conditions, one in which they had enough sleep and the other in which they don’t. All other things including the cut in the calorie intake (by 10 percent) remaining the same.

The researchers found that although dieters cutting their caloric intake by 10% lost a comparable amount of weight — about 3 kilograms, or 6.6 pounds – in the two different conditions; more than half of the weight loss, during adequate sleep (a full night or 8 and a half hours sleep) condition was fat.

In contrast, when the dieters were deprived of their sleep by three hours, only a quarter of the weight loss was Fat. That means the other 75% being burned was nonfat mass — such as protein, valuable building blocks of muscle and other body tissues.

How does sleep affect fat loss or how are Sleep and Weight Loss connected?

The duration of sleep affects the levels of ghrelin– A hormone that stimulates hunger and promotes fat retention. Less sleep means more ghrelin in blood, which means more hunger and as a consequence more fat retention. So even if a dieter cuts on calorie intake to help him/her lose weight, in sleep deprivation state, he/she continues to store fat.

In simpler words, our brain works to give our bodies best survival opportunities. When it notes that our body is not getting enough sleep (which is a low energy requirement activity) it assumes that the body is under some survival threat; as a consequence it starts storing fat and using other energy sources in the body.

Body stores fat for our own survival; so that at the time of adversity like lack of food for long durations; it can use that stored fat to help us live. So as expected; fat in the body is used when all other energy sources are used.

So when we cut our calorie intake or burn the same number of calories that we in take; and sleep well; we give our brain the impression that the body is not in some kind of threat; as a result it stops storing fat as some exigency.

So Sleep Well …