Smartphone Rules for Every Working Woman | 9 Must Follow Rules

9 Simple Security Tips for smartphones or 9 Smartphone Rules for Every Working Woman to safeguard, protect against any Problematic Situation.


All the working women must keep in mind certain smartphone rules, which have become smartphone norms sort of. These smartphone dos, not only protect them from possible cyber hazards; but will also keep their important data on the phone can be protected. Here it’s important to understand what protection means. The data protection doesn’t mean protection Smartphone Rules for Every Working Womanfrom friends , colleagues in case of carelessly placed smartphone OR the protection from protection from strangers in case of the phone stolen or lost. The data protection also means protection from spying by spouse or your children unknowingly stumbling upon the text messages, voice messages, pictures and videos which you exchanged online or offline. In short, in today’s world, the personal texts and pictures are not the only things that require security; mobile devices contain email, banking information, contacts and other sensitive information. Some of the simple Smartphone Rules for Every Working Woman shared below with respect to their smartphone use, which have become norms sort of, can secure them even when smartphones even if it gets lost or stolen. Not to say, the Smartphone Rules for Every Working Woman will also protect them from baseless suspicion at home or at work.

You will be wondering why the article is addressed to Working Women? Simply because the smartphone activity of a working woman is more closely monitored by people (inside and outside home).

  1. Password Protection

Screen lock is an easy and smart idea. Both Android and iOS devices come with this feature as a stock application but there are many more free applications that can be downloaded. There are various Screen lock applications. The unlock code can be set as PIN, Pattern, Voice/ word or Finger Print depending on the application of choice. Screen lock feature can save all working women and non- working women as well from embarrassing situations like any person reading text messages when they are away from their phone.

Refrain from predictable pins: It might be easy for someone to break through the phone privacy. It is advisable not to set the pin like birthdays, part of the phone number, your employment number, your child’s birth year,  or some other number which is easily predictable. Alternatively, pattern lock can be used. It is more secured and user-friendly. Although i don’t recommend them.

A Pin or finger print are the safest bet.

Hidden Patterns: This application helps to hide a pattern in a picture. Choosing any family photo as the background picture and arranging the pattern as per user’s wish is another dependable option. I don’t recommend this as well. 

Finger Print Protection: This is a very handy option the brothers can suggest to their sisters to unlock their phones. With this option, the phone recognizes only the user’s fingerprint and secures all data.


  1. Organizing Contacts into Groups

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get the contacts organized. It prevents you from sending the wrong content to the wrong person instead of the desired one by accident. ICE (In Case of Emergency) group can be a solution! This group of people is the ones who can be contacted during emergency right away. ICE is a great help for working women, who have to work late.


  1. Set up App Lock

App lockers might be annoying but it is terribly essential for security measures – especially for personal and financial applications. These apps allow you to lock certain apps or pages of applications.


  1. Download Photo Locker App

Locking pictures (or may be some of them) in any Photo Locker App is a good option. if someone wants to look into your image gallery, he/she is asked to input PIN/password. Such Apps have password security protection along with stealth mode and watchdog feature. It can even take a picture of the person holding the phone if the password attempt fails for the third time. The culprit can be caught red-handed!


  1. Install a Lost Phone app

Installing any Lost Phone app on the smartphone can be a life saver. If the phone is lost or stolen, then it can be possible to track it remotely, wipe it and even take a picture with it to see where it is!

Some more Safe Smartphone use Tips : Read them carefully and they apply to every women, working and non-working :

  1. Buy your own Mobile SIM. A SIM gifted by your husband must not be assumed as a simple sign of love. Shared SIMs, Shared mobile Bills also mean the ability to get the call details by the person (your husband).
  2. Don’t share your smartphone PIN with any one. Anyone means No One.
  3. Change your Smartphone PIN once a Month. You can also change the PIN the moment you suspect, it has remained private.
  4. In case of smartphone theft, contact the mobile service service provider and bar the number immediately. Waste no time to file a police complaint.

The above tips must be followed for every other mobile device.

These days, all our sensitive information is on our phones. So it is advisable to stay secured beforehand rather that repent later. eScan Mobile security for Android, eScan Tablet security for Android and eScan Mobile Security for iPhones & iPads are few wonderful products that can erase all digital security worries of modern citizens. The Anti-theft, Back-up and Restoration features of eScan products protect data of stolen devices, prevents malware attacks, blocks unwanted calls and SMSs, offers back-up of all data and contacts, ensures safe internet surfing etc.

As far as pictures and texts are concerned, the privacy thumb rule should be followed.

Whether you’re a working woman or a housewife, there are certain domains which need to be personal (where only YOU have the access). Living in metros or cities or villages, or remaining at home or working at office; have all sorts of challenges. A hundred percent personal smartphone (from human eavesdropping point of view) can protect from any perceivable and non-perceivable problematic situation.

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