Smriti Irani as HRD Minister…Some real questions!

Smriti Irani as Human Resource and Development Minister or HRD minister of the country, may look an innocent act, but there are some real questions involved.

But before that, Let I clarify, as per the Constitution of India , there’s no educational eligibility to become a Minister. This means that even an illiterate can become a Minister. Hence I’m not saying, how can a person who is believed to be class 12th pass or class 12th fail can become the HRD Minister of India. I’m saying something else.

Smriti IraniThe Questions involved !

1) In the three elections which Smriti Irani fought in the past ten years, she has stated different educations. First she mentioned Graduate, then First Year of Graduation from DU and finally Class 12th.  Since she has done so in her affidavit, hence if she has not stated the truth, then she must be punished by Law. If a common man can be punished for the same offence, then why spare Smriti Irani.

2) It’s true that, Constitutionally, a person doesn’t require education to become a Minister or get elected as the people’s representative. But when BJP has 282 MPs on its own , then why it opted to go for Smriti Irani. The fact of the matter is, the BJP can even bring some non-MP to head the HRD Ministry. I’m not questioning the ability of Smriti Irani, but educational qualification is a better benchmark of ability than virtues like hard working, energetic, outgoing etc.

When not in power, BJP has always regarded educational ability as the criteria for recruitment and promotions in Government recruitment (BJP is one of the most ardent opposers of Reservation in jobs ). Then why this 360 degree flip now.

We often hear drawing debates as to why there must be some educational eligibility for contesting an election. Now when, courtesy to the increase in the number of people with Higher education, we are automatically getting people with higher education in our parliaments, we are going for a person who has not studied beyond school. This in a way means not valuing the importance of education. That’s why it’s ridiculous.

Some people are arguing, if a school drop out can become the Prime Minister of the country, then why can’t a class 12th pass person become the HRD Minister? This because, you can’t compare a PM with a Minister. As the PM is elected by all the MPs of single largest party or coalition; while the minister is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the single person, the PM.

PS: In an over enthusiasm to defend BJP’s Smriti Irani, many News Channels are quoting the educations of Late President Gyani Jail Singh , Indira Gandhi etc. This is funny, as you can’t compare late 60s or 80s with 2014. The fact of the matter is, when we have so many highly educated individuals in 2014, then why we are giving an important ministry such as HRD to a person who has not studied beyond school. This is akin to making an artificial scarcity.