Smriti Irani loses HRD Ministry |You need more than oratory Skills

… or as per Salman Khan’s Sultan movie, releasing today, only ‘Jhadoing Angreji’ will not prove you as a person capable for a sensitive role.

Ever since Ms. Irani became Human Resource Development Minister, she handled even most manageable of issues with lack of judgement.  Which resulted in them snowballing into major controversies. … It’s one thing to implement an agenda on education, quite another to put your weight even in those situations where even less stern approach could do.

The flip-flops, Ms. Irani had done while handing Rohit Vemula, JNU issues could have been surely avoided. There was surely no need to antagonize the youth in any university. When all such activities are simply the part of young men and women discovering their political leanings and life ideologies. Ms. Irani forgot that she can’t deal with them with intimidation tactics and iron fist. Her handling of both the issues was nothing but attacking imaginary enemies.

Coming to Smriti Irani’s oratory skills, there’s no dispute that they are commendable. But oratory can take you only to a certain level. It cannot be used as a garb to put fiction as fact. Something which she was blamed of in the Parliament.

Smriti Irani losing HRD Ministry points that she performed her job badly.  And keeping the UP elections in mind, which has clear caste combinations, her removal may make up some of the damage already done.

Good to see Prakash Javadekar as the new HRD Minister. He’s surely a man who has the ability to listen and even accommodate rival views. He might not be an academic (in ideal circumstances, only an academic must be a HRD Minister), but still he’s a person who can listen more than talk. He appears wise.