Soda addiction Loss makes Man lose 70 pounds

What can a man achieve by getting rid of his Soda addiction?

A weight loss of whopping 70 pounds!

No not joking. It’s true.

Ty Hurt, a 42-year old San Antonian (USA) knew all his life that he has an addictive personality. Courtesy to his addictions, the 5 feet 9 inches tall man, at one point of time was almost 300 pounds. Although he very well knew that he would have gotten over 300; he never imagined his weight gain will stop.

Hurt’s perennial addiction: soda. He was drinking bucket loads of it. Each day he would drink up to five Dr. Pepper’s, his soda of choice. And taking his addiction to the fullest, he was always choosing the super sized ones.

To put into perspective how over-the-brim Ty’s addiction with the Soda (aerated Drink/cold drink), consider this — A super-sized soda can be up to 42 ounces. According to the Institute of Medicine guidelines, a serving is 8 ounces. Ty was consuming 210 ounces a day. That’s 26 cans, a little over a case of soda a day. With those full-flavored drinks comes a lot of sugar. Add together the sugar in 26 cans of soda and you get 565 grams of sugar.

Courtesy his soda addiction; Ty body was gaining weight as it was clueless (the body) regarding what to do with all that sugar. Notably, no more than 10 percent of calories should come from sugar.
A normal person consumes only between 80 and 100 grams of sugar a day. Ty was consuming nearly six times more than what is advised. But owing to Sugar in soda having an addictive effect; the more Ty consumed his favorite soda, the more he wanted.

But then good thing happened. Although it’s not known what made him try to get rid of his addiction, as a trigger/Strong reason, would definitely been there – that can be his self consciousness regarding his weight or some other motivation; but Ty kicked the can habit, and cut out the soda.

In five weeks he lost 30 pounds. Ty went from almost 300 pounds to 232 pounds less than a year later. His waist size went from 46 to 38 inches.

And that was quite logical — Kicking the can wold have surely resulted in weight loss. To put this weight loss in perspective – If a person cuts out 800 calories of soda a day, in four days he/she can lose a pound of body fat.

Since getting rid of his biggest addiction, Hurt now is also eating a healthier diet. He has substituted water and tea for the daily sodas he used to drink.

It can be hoped that Ty will live healthy for the rest of his life. After all he has learned the LESSON of healthy and happy Life.

Conclusion: So what is the moral of the Ty’s Story? That too much Soda makes you gain weight and cutting on it helps you lose weight? NO. Although that is one of the messages too, the moral of the story is: Weight Loss or way to health requires winning over those addictions of yours which are preventing you from getting the body, mind and health you always wanted to have. Further, getting over your addictions is a symbolic thing (although they have real effects, like in Ty’s case), more than testimony to the fact that you have get rid of a particular addiction, it represents you having more control on your Life.

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