Some BJP Supporters are Photoshopping Communal Divide

Have a look at the screenshot below:

Communal Politics

The  left screenshot is of a Twitter user who wants to prove Arvind Kejriwal a lesser Hindu by sharing a photo, where Arvind Kejriwal’s car is shown having a number plate with ‘786’ (outlined in yellow). A number muslims consider sacred.

The right screenshot is that of the original photo with the real number plate.

The die hard BJP fan or one of the thousands of people recruited by BJP to Tweet has photoshopped the original number plate. The Red line and circles around the lady on the screenshot are to show to you readers that the two photos are the same.

Many of you will argue — How can one say for sure that this is the handy work of some BJP supporter or some guy paid by BJP, and not of some Congress or AAP guy? The reason is simple: A fortnight ago, RSS’s official website was showing a big banner justifying the Muzaffarnagar riots (it may be showing it right now as well). RSS is into such propaganda for decades now. In its Shakhas, impressionable kids are indoctrinated that Aurangzeb slaughtered 10 crore Hindus (The reason why RSS goes on with such facts is that, Children don’t ask: Did India have that much population in 1670s? ).

Don’t know whether such misinformation and tampering is justified, Especially when all this is for the PM’s post in 2014? Wisdom says: One should always be wary of any person who does tampering with facts or speaks lies.  

Fortunately though, increasing number of Indian youth are asking such logical questions. They are surely not the impressionable children.