Someone Else Killed Mahatma Gandhi Assassination Theory Baseless | SC

From mid 2015 to mid 2016, the Conspiracy theory about  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was ruling the political and media debates in the country. Later it seemed that the reason was the 2016 West Bengal Assembly Elections. Roughly one year later in June 2017, BJP, the party leading the NDA Government at Centre and which seemed to have benefited from the voter mobilization around the issue in West Bengal, in a reply to an RTI application on May, 2017, said —

“After considering the reports of Shah Nawaz Committee, Justice G D Khosla Commission and Justice Mukherjee Commission of Enquiry, the government has come to the conclusion that Netaji died in the plane crash on 18.08.1945,”.

In short, the Modi led BJP Government declared the Conspiracy theory about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as false. Or if put more aptly, it indirectly called its one year prior stand as untenable.

100 free Banking services will become paid from January 20, 2018Now there comes another issue, which becomes a topic of political and media debates every time some election is down the line. It’s thus an all-weather topic to keep debating about. And politically it works. The issue is the conspiracy theory behind Mahatma Gandhi’s death or murder. In October 2017 before the Himachal and Gujarat Assembly elections, a Public Interest Litigation was filed in Supreme Court asking for the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case to be reopened. Such questions are not uncommon today, when some people keep searching — “Why exactly did Godse kill Gandhi?”. As if killing a fellow human being was not a bigger Sin, some people do keep searching for motives behind. The person filing the PIL claimed that  the investigation into Gandhi’s assassination was “one of the biggest cover-ups in history”. According to him, Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte were not the only ones who shot Gandhi. He said four shots were fired, and that it was the fourth bullet a mysterious person fired that killed Gandhi. The court had appointed senior advocate Amrendra Sharan to go through all documents related to Gandhi’s assassination. It also asked the Senior Advocate to see whether the petitioner can provide some proof to support his 4 bullet theory.

Responding to the PIL yesterday in Supreme Court, Mr. Saran told the court that there is no evidence to prove that Mahatma Gandhi was killed by person other than Nathuram Godse. Mr. Saran also told the Court that the petitioner has no proof to support his Conspiracy Theory.

The Supreme Court appointed Senior Lawyer in their filed report, said that after examining nearly 4,000 pages of trial court records, the Jeevan Lal Kapur Inquiry Commission report of 1969 in the assassination case and the petitioner’s disposition, they arrived at the conclusion that the allegation raised regarding involvement of some foreign intelligence agency in the assassination was baseless and not substantiated by any evidence. The four bullet theory and the presence of a mysterious fourth person is also found to be baseless. The Supreme Court of India has accepted the report and its finding that,

“There is no need either of a re-investigation or to constitute a fresh fact-finding commission with respect to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination case.”

So as of now, the Supreme Court has upheld that no one except Nathuram Godse has killed Gandhi.

After the Supreme Court verdict on the Mahatma Gandhi Assassination, there’s no space for the Conspiracy theory which rattled the political debates six months ago.

These are just two instances of how politically motivated Conspiracy theories rarely stand the heat of the fact probe. But that’s not surprising. Such Conspiracy theories remain so, because they have no truth in them. Those which have some, are vindicated by the Courts.

To conclude, it is good to keep a tab on which of these conspiracy theories prove out to be correct.