Sonipat Man becomes Proud Daddy at 96!

What is the maximum age at which a man can father a child?       The research says, the begetting power of a man normally declines with each passing decade, starting from thirties. And there’s end to it in 60s.

A Sonipat Haryana resident, Ramajit Raghav, today became a father; and surprise what, he is 96-year-old.

Actually, Ramjit has improved his record of being the oldest person to father a child after his wife gave birth to a baby boy today. Ramajit claimed to fame in November, 2010 after he fathered his first son. Ramjit is a proud father of two sons now.

It’s important to mention here, that the mother of the new born appears to be of normal reproductive age. May be that has helped Ramjit make the record.  Pray to God that Ramjit lives another 30 years, else his young wife will have to bring up the two children, all by herself.