Sony’s Clever idea to Promote M4 Aqua

What is the USP of Sony M4 Aqua? It’s water proof and it can be washed.

How is Sony promoting M4 Aqua?

By telling the World how Dirty their phones are. So dirty that there is only one way to clean them — By washing the phone.

Alright? You will not do the stupidity of washing your phone; but that’s the whole point of Sony telling you to urgently wash your phone.

Sony has launched a website named Dirty Phones, which tells you that your phone can be more filthier than a public toilet. It also gives you a questionnaire to let you know how dirty is your phone. It also recommends the solution: Wash your phone. Which Sony knows you can’t. For that you have to buy M4 Aqua. Clever promotion Right?

Don’t get crazy about your phone’s cleanliness. With toilets inside homes, everything in your house already contains fecal bacteria. That apart, everything humans touch gets fecal bacteria : Door knobs, tables, chairs etc. So why treat your smartphone as an exception.