Soon ‘Martydom’ in India will become Dirt Cheap!

Although I have a knack of predicting things correctly, much in advance; but still on issues where most of the Indians have faith in, I normally wait before making a comment. After giving much thought to it; I comment.

Witnessing the week long “Martyr Hemraj’s Wife and Mother on Fast un to Death Saga”; made me deeply sad and I now feel, — Soon ‘Martydom’ in India will become Dirt Cheap!

I feel so, as the pointers to “martyrdom already becoming ordinary” are getting Visible:

Those who are still unaware of the martyrdom of two Indian Soldiers on LOC in Kashmir; here’s a brief snippet:

At the beginning of New Year , two Indian Soldiers were killed by Pakistan Army (it’s believed so) at LOC. The mutilated bodies of the soldiers were later found by Indian Army. One of the two Soldiers killed was L.Naik Hemraj. Only the Torso of the martyr was found. 

The Soldier was cremated with national honour, fit for any martyr, at his village in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. A day after the Cremation, his wife and mother sat on fast un to Death to compel the Government to bring the Head of the martyr. Newspapers and TV channels, local and national, reported that the family wants the Head, as — According to Hindu religion, a person who doesn’t have a full body, doesn’t get Moksha (Salvation).

Yesterday, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister assured the fasting wife and mother that their demands will be met. And on this assurance, the two ended their fast.

What Demands? There was only one demand, to get back the Head for Moksha , Right?

No. Wrong. There were multiple Demands. That included,

1) Government Jobs for Two Brothers of the deceased.

2) A Government College in the village to be named after the martyr.

3) A petrol Pump or gas agency for the family

and some other demands.

Which of the demands have been met (what the fast brought in):

1) Rs. 25 Lakh Cheque from Uttar Pradesh CM.

2) Rs 46 Lakh Cheque from Defense Minister of India.

3) Government Jobs for Two Brothers of the deceased.

4) The expenditure of the martyr’s children’s education will be supported by Uttar Pradesh Government.

Unfortunately, no assurance was given on the head of the martyr.But, that was the NOT the primary demand, for obvious reasons.

Do they really Love the country? 

You may disagree, but this is nothing but immoral. Immoral because you can’t extort the nation on the name of martyrdom and patriotism. Imagine, what will happen if every soldier, who is recruited by the country to fight at its borders; adopts these tactics.

On a sane note, no martyr’s family should make such demands as, as per the Government Rules :

Family’s Heath, Children’s education, family’s day to day expenses, son and daughter’s marriage, soldier’s and his family’s special expenses, all are meted out by the Government. A martyr in addition to all these also gets One Time Lump-some Monetary Assistance, recognizing his martyrdom. Beginning with Pension, everything for Martyrs are special.

Martyrdom is a big Thing, and when people place a price tag on it; they make it dirt cheap.