Speaking LESS than what is adequate is Good for everyone, Swami Ramdev no EXCEPTION

With each passing day, Ram Dev is speaking more than what is adequate.

And this is doing NO GOOD to his credibility: which is already under scanner for Land Grabbing, counterfeit drugs accusations.

In a recent statement, Baba Ramdev envisions a Libya-like popular revolution in India in which the corrupt leaders will be ousted from power like Muammar Gaddafi, the slain long-time ruler of the north African country.

Speaking to reporters in Goa on Sunday after his symbolic day-long fast against “corruption, black money and illegal mining”, Ramdev also said that one family and one party had been responsible for bankruptcy and looting of India. Further saying that, ‘One family and One party had been responsible for looting India and making it bankrupt ever since independence; but since his elders have taught him not to utter names of bad people, he refuses to address them by names.

These are Ram Dev’s own words,

“Those corrupt people who are in power, will be wiped off like Gaddafi. Only there, people used violence, while I am advocating democratic means,”

Ram Dev should give a serious thought before he speaks:

Ram Dev may bitter towards Congress, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Ram Dev may be a disguised face of RSS, an organization which is the moral guardian of BJP. But whatever his stance and feelings be – Ram Dev must not compare a democratically elected Government in India with a dictatorship in Cuba.

India existed the 63 years of independence, only because its people had deep faith in Democracy and its institutions. Courtesy this faith: poorest and illiterates in worldly terms, got people’s mandate and reached Country’s parliament. This faith in its democracy and its leaders resulted in country managing to provide food to 1.2 billion people. Poverty and malnourished children are in USA as well; when it has only 312 million population.

In Cuba no one elected Gaddafi, he usurped the power himself. In his regime, no one, not even media can have freedom of speech; let alone the freedom of action.

We in India, manage to criticize our leaders, including Prime Minister, in restaurants, road side kiosks, phone bill queues, Airports and almost anywhere; ONLY because India has a true democracy. In an authoritarian regime or dictatorship; you don’t have such a privilege.

Army cantonments in India, can echo closely to what it means to live in an authoritarian set-up: Soldiers can’t criticize their Officers, Media can’t bring to notice any corruption talking place inside and Civilians living adjacent to a cantonment can’t take a shot route through the cantonment, even if that may save them valuable time.

Hence, Ram Dev must not compare our great India, with the rouge state run by despot Gaddafi.

RamDev may want a Cuba like Coup in India; to topple down a democratically elected Government ; But Indian people are much intelligent than he has the opinion of them. They very well know that regime change by force is not surety of better life. Afghanistan had a Russia backed Government, which is toppled over by Taliban (believing in orthodox religion or one country one religion); Just ask how much this regime change improved the lives of Afghan women: In Taliban regime, they were locked in homes, have to wear a veil, can’t have jobs. Compare this to Russia backed Government’s rule, when the women not only moved freely without a veil, did jobs, but also followed French Fashion (wore modern dresses and sensuous perfumes). Now Mr Ram Dev may say emulating Western fashion is not freedom; but he can’t argue that — freedom of movement and livelihood is.

Although Ram Dev is free to run a veiled attack on the Gandhi family and the Congress. As India’s great democracy gives him the right to do so.

Though, India also provides its great people, the right to vote. Whether they believe Ramdev or not, will be seen when they cast their votes.

But Ram Dev will not stop, as he is on a veiled mission. And he is Goa for upcoming Assembly voting.