How To Spot “Beef Biryani” of Buffalo Meat

Two days ago, BJP leaders in Aligarh gave the police an ultimatum to take action within 24 hours against what they claimed was “beef biryani” being allegedly served in the canteen of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College on campus at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

The University has said that the biryani contained only buffalo meat, and rejected the allegations as “vicious” and “an attempt to whip up communal passion”. The V-C also called up the BJP MP from Aligarh, Satish Gautam, over the issue.

Who should you believe?

I think the University.

Beef can be meat from a Cow or a Buffalo or any bovine. The beef which is legally sold in Uttar Pradesh comes from buffalo. The beef which is sold and exported from India is majorly buffalo meat. Under this light, it can be safely assumed that meat used in “beef biryani” being allegedly served in the canteen of AMU will logically be that of buffalo meat. It’s stupid NOT to believe the University as the manner of procuring items for University use would be as per some tendering process. No one will flout that procedure just for the sake of mischief or to hurt other religion’s sentiments.

If BJP leaders have a problem with cow slaughter, then they should tell the Union Government to impose a pan India beef ban (meat from any bovine). This because it’s impossible to differentiate any meat when reduced to pieces or cooked. Unless it’s sent to a specialized laboratory, it’s impossible to nail the source. For instance, the meat in the refrigerator which got Akhlaq lynched, was later found to be that of goat.

Since BJP Governments in the past and the present are always found to encourage beef exports from the country, hence BJP leaders have no option but to spy on the food plates of every Indian to recognize met used in “Beef Biryani”.

How To Spot “Beef Biryani” of Buffalo Meat? Either use logic of what can be legally available; or look into every food plate and get the food sample checked. What is more sane is for anyone to guess.

PS: Slaughter of cow, bullock, ox banned in Uttar Pradesh. Can’t store or eat beef. Can import in sealed containers, to be served to foreigners. Buffaloes can be killed. It should be noted that there’s no federal law banning cow slaughter in India. That’s Cow slaughter is banned in certain states only.