How To Spot Promoted Trend in Twitter Trending Topics | Twitter

One of Twitter’s paid products is is Promoted Trends. How to spot Promoted Trend in Twitter Trending Topics …?

Spot Promoted Trend in Twitter Trending TopicsA promoted trend features in the Trending Topics on the Left of Twitter Dashboard. The hashtag chosen by the brand using this promoted trend appears at the top of trending topics for a fixed number of hours. While most hashtags are dynamic (change their position on the List with increase or decrease in popularity), the promoted hashtag is static. That’s it is not affected by the change in opinion or something else catching the Twitter users attention. Hence a promoted trend always appears on top, for the promotion period.

Another way to spot the promoted trend is that irrespective of the position it stands after the promotion, it’s the only, which has the number of tweets mentioned besides it.

You need at least a Lakh of Rupees to trend a topic for a couple of hours.