How to Spot Religious fanatics? For Logical Indian

Who is a fanatic?

“a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.”

Who’s a religious fanatic? You can derive your definition now.

For a couple of years now a section in India is showing such an excessive and single-minded zeal for Hindu religion. Which is surprising, as religious fanaticism can be understood to an extent among religions in minority. But when such a fanaticism is seen among majority faith; then it’s nothing but ‘Coercive majoritarianism’. What is that? In simple, it’s the adamant behavior of the majority faith to have its way.

How to spot a religious fanatic?

He spreads rumors.

A rumor (or in Hindi “Afwah”) may not be 100 percent Lie. But some portions of it are. And that Lie (as small as 5 percent of the entire rumor) makes the entire account baseless.

For instance, recently I was reading an article online about Tipu Sultan. The article was a mix of Truths and Lies. But the Lies made the entire article nothing more than a rumor mongering. What made me read the article was the number of times the article was read. It was substantial.

At one point the article said, Tipu Sultan fanatically converted Hindus to Islam. And during his tenure, he converted more than 10 million or 1 crore Hindus into Muslims. Those who opposed the conversion, had to face dire consequences.

Now the simple question is: If the entire population of India during 1700s, when Tipu ruled was in Lakhs, then how is it possible that Tipu managed to convert 1 crore Hindus to Islam?

The said article would surly be written by some religious fanatic!

And this is how we can spot them.