Springfield US Chef loses 387 pounds

How difficult is to remain surrounded by delicious food all day and still eat a very regulated simple healthy food?

Not very difficult — if you have made your mind to eat healthy and keep unhealthy weight at bay.
What is needed is one strong reason, and you effortlessly just embark on the path of healthy and disciplined living.

As simple as it’s said.

Debra Swihart, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., and the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art in the Chicago suburb of Darien, a longtime chef at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and the owner of D’Lynne’s Delights Café downtown Springfield; struggled with her weight all her life. Massively overweight Debra never thought she would be able to lose those excess pounds. But then her third grandchild was born; and out of no-where she found a STRONG REASON to get back to a normal weight.

In her words: “I decided I wanted to remain alive for my grandbabies”.

Now well into her new disciplined life of healthy eating and exercise, Debra, a 5-foot, 3-inch grandmother, has dropped 387 pounds in the past three years, going from 550 to 163 pounds.

Debra’s advice to all those who want to follow her:

“You have to decide for yourself what works for you. For me, it’s portion control. You also need a support system. I’m here to help anyone who needs support.”

Thanks Debra!

With such an angelic disposition, Debra Swihart now dispenses more than meat pies and cupcakes from her downtown Springfield restaurant. She also gives advice to dieters.

And she is a worthy teacher; after all she has walked the way she preaches.

In her no motivation days, Debra used to eat an entire serving pan of bacon at breakfast. She was a big fan of sandwiches stuffed with mayonnaise and strips of beef fat as well. But after finding her MOTIVATION, she has given up all that. She started eating normal portions and the weight dropped off, nine or 10 pounds a week at first.

Now just one fourth of her peak weight, Debra has religiously stick to a simple eating plan. For breakfast she eats a bowl of Special K or Kashi GoLean with milk and a half banana. Lunch is a cuddler with soup or salad. Dinner is the same as lunch. Her evening treat is two cupcakes.

In order, not to get bored by the strict eating, Debra indulges in some indulgences like munch on lobster with drawn butter or crab-stuffed mushrooms, once every month.

That apart she has ample of exercise running a busy restaurant every day (She doesn’t exercise other than running the restaurant).

Since the time, Debra put her to disciplined living; she has incorporated healthy foods to her café menu as well.


Debra’s successful weight loss story by way of necessary changes to eating; proves to the world that when it comes to weight loss, results show only when the person is willing to lose weight. In Debra’s case the final trigger came in form of “her grand-children”.

That’s why, not matter how revolutionary a diet OR exercise OR surgical method is, a person will never get results unless he/she is willing to see the results. Majority of people, like Debra, take some time to find a STRONG REASON or TRIGGER to see results; make sure you don’t take that much. Find any strong reason that can push you to get back to a normal weight and healthy life. That STRONG REASON can be YOU, YOURSELF.