Spuds-only diet ended as a weight loss success story

This can’t be a weight loss success story, as the incumbent, never embarked on a weight loss journey. What he wanted was, just to make a point with federal bureaucrats.

But courtesy his wish, ended up 20 pounds lighter, and that too in just 60 days.

The head of the Washington State Potato Commission ended a self-imposed diet of potatoes-only that he said allowed him to shed more than 20 pounds in two months. Chris Voigt, 45, began his spuds-only regimen to protest a U.S. Department of Agriculture rule barring low-income recipients of food vouchers under the federal Women, Infants and Children program from using their benefits to purchase white potatoes. The whole purpose of this potatoes only diet is to get white potatoes in WIC and save the interests of Lake Moses, in the heart of the state’s central potato-growing region, about 290 kilometres southeast of Seattle.

And while Voigt is not recommending his diet to others as a “healthy sustainable” weight-loss plan, it did help him lower his blood sugar, cut his total cholesterol by over a third and reduce his weight from 197 to 176 pounds, he said. Voigt is 6 feet one inch tall.

By the time Vogt ended his self-imposed diet, he had consumed more than 180 kilograms of potatoes — about 20 spuds or 3 kgs of potatoes a day for 60 days.


As Vogt has advised, no one should practice such a unconventional diet. Although potato, boiled corn and meat are a staple diet in many South American countries; and some studies suggest that spuds (vegetables like potatoes) can assist in weight loss; one should not go for extreme diets. As choosing a wrong fad food, can make a body severely deficient in other vital nutrients.

If potato is healthy, then it should be included in one’s daily diet, in a right quantity, so that other vital foods can be incorporate; resulting in a balanced diet. Completely adopting one food and ignoring the other, is not good for one’s health.

As far as weight loss is concerned, anyone can lose weight, if he/she stops eating. But the healthy way to losing weight, is to keep taking balanced food and exercising regularly.