Sri Sri Ravishankar, benevolent Enzyme & Art of Levereging

The Art of Living’s three-day World Cultural Fest on the banks of river Yamuna will begin today. This when, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has not only found Mr. Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation guilty of comprehensively damaging the floodplains and the ecosystem at the venue; but also doing that without taking permissions from the competent authority as directed by the tribunal.

Going by the magnitude of the Festival, it can be assumed that even more stamping and trampling of the fragile floodplains of the Yamuna will take place during the next three days.

But who cares, when even the NGT has chosen the easier way out for the AoL — Pay Rs. 5 crore fine before the start of the event today evening, and all is well.

When the Prime Minister of the country and the entire Government machinery is behind Mr. Ravi Shankar, then who cares about some humble flood plain or ecosystem.

In the absence of any active Government support, pontoon bridges across Yamuna couldn’t be made. Nor could enzymes be injected in a river by some private person.

But all this is happening.

What is surprising is how Mr. Ravishankar doesn’t see any wrong in his people putting some beneficial enzyme in river Yamuna. It’s really surprising as whosoever you are, you can’t add anything to a river. And this irrespective of your intent.

It’s appalling the many of us are believing Mr. Ravishankar merely because he tells us to believe him. This is not how we should believe someone. Today, Mr. Ravishankar’s AoL is putting something in a river in the name of some beneficial enzyme. What will happen if tomorrow some other private person puts anthrax in one of our water bodies? How will that be prevented?