AsiaPower Stabilizer with high voltage cutoff protection launched

AsiaPower AV600 Stabilizer. High voltage cutoff protection. Safeguards LCD/LED TVs, Music systems, Xbox, DVD Players, Ps2. Rs 1990 Only.

AsiaPower AV600 Stabilizer with best high voltage cutoff protectionAsia Powercomtoday launched AsiaPower AV600 stabilizer. AV600 stablizer for TV safeguards the valuable devices like LED/LCD & projection television, Xbox and hi-fi music systems, DVD Players, Ps2 devices from power fluctuation with its superior performance and design to provide clean power for un-interrupted entertainment.

AsiaPower AV600 stabilizer comes with high voltage cutoff protection that protects the equipment from dangerous fluctuations. In addition, it comes with an overload protection that protects the stabilizer and the connected device from high fluctuations. AsiaPower stabilizer uses the latest technologies as per industrial norms and standards, said Tejas Sheth, Country Manager at Asia Powercom.


AsiaPower AV600 Stabilizer Price:

Rs. 1,990 with 1 year warranty

AsiaPower Stabilizer with high voltage cutoff protection:

In a power scarce country like India, there’s much load on power grids during peak hours. This load results in power fluctuations. A good power stabilizer may look an unnecessary accessory, as most devices have their own inbuilt stabilizers  but still it’s a good idea to have a good stabilizer with high voltage cutoff protection. So that any moment the power surges to dangerous levels, the device is cutoff from the power supply.