Standing up during National Anthem and a Young man in LOVE!

A few days ago, the single judge bench of Supreme Court directed the cinema halls to play the National Anthem before screening.

Without commenting on the decision itself, as the Honorable Court would already have looked into the fundamental right of Freedom of Choice and Faith given to us by Indian Constitution. So let’s have a closer look at other aspects of it.

One of the major consequences of this decision will be lack of implementation by someone with legal authority to do so (police and you need enough police to do so). Not having adequate monitoring apparatus will not be a good thing. Because when you have Laws, they must be implemented without fault.

Second, it will create hyper vigilant public. Some people or mob of such hyper vigilantes will take Law in their own hands and will try to punish those which they (public) think are flouting the law, in their (public’s, or mob’s) perception. Without any system or monitoring system in place, such a mob can even dispense instant justice to anyone which to their judgement shows disrespect to National Anthem. What is deeply unnerving here is that it will begin with segmentation of broader type (based on religion or ethnicity), and very soon will segment people based on their political ideologies. This will be the short-term impact of the decision. The long-term impact of the decision will be that the outer manifestations of respect to a Nation, such as Singing National Anthem, standing up while National Anthem is played, or saluting a soldier, … or becoming a Yes man to everything connected to Nation(even if later proves out to be a propaganda) will become a tool for questioning the Patriotism of a person. It will be a serious consequence as every individual respects the Nation in different ways. Some are quite public about it, others are more subtle. It’s very similar to a young man in his 20s, who although loves a girl, will never stand on his knees to win over the Girl he loves. He will not do so, even when he sees his best friend or roomie always keep rolling on his head to get the girl he fancies. We are not the same you see, in person as well.