Standing Work Position At Office Helps You Lose Weight

Celebrated author Ernest Hemingway was a champion of an upright working stance. Hemingway wrote his vigorous prose on a typewriter at a special chest-height desk. Yes he typed while standing on his feet. He was Slim.

A noted blogger from India, Amit Aggarwal, who pens Labnol, once gave the world a peek into into his Office; and revealed to the world how he incorporates some exercise to his sitting work. The chart which he follows goes like this: every Time he loads Facebook he gets up from his seat and takes three rounds of his office room, every time he visits a Twitter page he takes three deep breaths. The regimen may look too artificial to some (the same way some might even had told Hemingway — one can’t type effectively while standing); but it’s his way of remaining Healthy; you can devise your own.

Now a recent study by a Chester Researcher says that you can actually lose weight the Hemingway Way. That is — Standing position can Help You Lose Weight (Working in standing position…).

If the study findings are simplified then, then the Office workers, who spend all day behind their desks should consider working standing up to lose weight.

According to exercise scientist John Buckley from Chester University, standing on feet for an extra three hours a-day would help burn off 3.6 kg or around 8 pounds of fat each year, the Daily Mail reported.

How This Standing Position Work Lifestyle can be implemented:

The same way Hemingway did. By making a work desk which can be elevated to a height which assisted “Work while you are on your Feet”.

The Researcher offers even a simpler solution — People could switch to higher than normal computer desks to answer their emails and type documents. He claims that even a straight back sitting posture can help.

But for those who don’t find standing, Buckley asserted that working standing up for three hours will consume 144 calories and reduce obesity and improve circulation.

He claimed that by making small changes in the workplace such as standing at work place could make long-term improvements to health.

Are you Game for this Workplace change?