Stanford University’s Ignite certificate programme reaches Bangalore India

Stanford University’s 3 month duration Flagship programme on Entrepreneurship, Ignite Certificate Programme launched in Bangalore India.


What a big deal in launching a successful startup? Ask an entrepreneur and he will tell you what a big deal it is.

Ideas are just the seed for any start-up. To make it successful there are dozens of variables to take care of. In short, start-ups even in an atmosphere full of ideas is a tough thing to create and run (run profitably).

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by innovators and entrepreneurs, the World renowned Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business runs the Ignite certificate programme. The course equips innovators and entrepreneurs with tools of business and the practical aspects of identifying, evaluating, and moving the dream ideas forward.

Stanford University’s Ignite certificate programme is launched in Bangalore, India this year and will be offered annually in India.

Stanford University’s Ignite certificate programme has been running on its Silicon Valley (California) campus since 2006 and its’s the first time it is launched outside the Silicon Valley. It will also be offered in Paris in September and in China in 2014.

Stanford University’s Ignite certificate programme in Bangalore India


The Stanford university’s flagship programme for innovators and entrepreneurs, Ignite Certificate Programme, has already received its first batch in Bangalore. Speaking on the utility of the course for Indian Entrepreneurs, the Stanford Ignite faculty director Yossi Feinberg, said,

“This is our flagship programme and we are teaching all that it takes to build a business: to analyze, to evaluate the idea, to iterate, team dynamics, how to lead, what to do to get assistance,”

He further adds,

“Entrepreneurship has a lot of highs and lows. You want to be around with people who have the same pains,” 

The First Ignite batch at Bangalore comprises of  41 students. The part time Programme is of nine-week duration (or 3 months), from August 10-October 12. The course has students from varied backgrounds (a lawyer, a doctor, IT professionals, and those from varied professional backgrounds, finance, manyfacturing etc.) and from across age groups. Thatapart, most of the 41 from the first batch are from outside Banglaore. Classes are being held at the Infosys campus and tuition is US$8,350. The course’s format may change next year in order to accommodate candidates from outside Bangalore.

Stanford University’s Ignite Certificate Flagship Programme


The Ignite programme has about 800 alumni.