Start Texting to Become Confident | Study

Some twenty somethings have attained great skill in texting (creating SMS on their mobile phones). The habit is particularly annoying when they start texting , irrespective of where they are. Using just thumbs, they can send a couple of dozen messages and more in a single day. Is there any good in this constant and ferocious texting? Yes.

According to a new study, texting improves self image or texting makes the textor become confident.

A new study done at Indiana University Bloomington shows that texting and messaging gives people a self esteem boost. The study tracked text communications like Facebook, email, and, text messaging over six days, and the study found that:

“Even though more participants in the study communicated with others face-to-face than they did texting, the study found that the texting was better for self esteem.”

How the study was conducted ? The study analysed each social interaction a person had when logged on and rated it on its intimacy, satisfaction, sharing, and quality. By collating and studying data from several such interactions, the researchers came to the conclusion that the texting makes people happier.

the reason for this increased happiness came from the expectation that the other person will help the text getting over-shared on the social platform , while maintaining a kind of anonymity. The anonymity can also be understood as not getting face to face with the other person.

Overall, the study concluded that texting improves self image or texting makes the textor become confident.