Instead of State Funding of Elections, make source of such Funding Public

The State funding of elections has surfaced again, particularly after PM Modi’s Kanpur rally yesterday. What does State Funding of election means? … Actually it doesn’t mean much. Even then if one wants to have a clear one line definition of State Funding of Elections, then it can be defined as: The State or the Country’s Government giving money to contestants to fight elections. Beyond this it doesn’t mean much as even though the concept attracts much public attention, no one actually knows how to implement it. How will such funding be provided when  any person out of 130 crore population can fight election either independent or by forming a political party.

How to Corruption linked to Funding in political parties and politicians

So what is the way out to curb corruption in political parties and politicians. Remember, the corrupt practices of political parties and politicians doesn’t stop at pecuniary (related to money) but finally extends to misuse of power and discretion.

Take for instance, the question of funding of political parties by businesses and various power groups. Such funding is NOT limited to making political parties and politicians rich. Such funding are also made so that the policies of the upcoming government are made in favor of the fund giver. For example, a big corporate may fund key political parties, so that when the party comes to power it makes key policies in such a way that it suits the business interests of the fund giver. Here the objective of the political party may not be to make itself wealthy, but using those funds to come to power. When such political parties come to power the first goal is to return the favor. Remember, power itself is worth dying for. Hence hunger for power is also corruption. This kind of corruption is present as well.

Hence the easiest way to tackle black money and corrupt practices in political parties is Transparency in political funding. The people must know who’s funding the elections of a political party or a politician. It’s important for some reasons.

Biggest Fund-givers expect change in Government Policy

Thus it’s the fund givers who’re hurting voters the most.

It’s alright if a voter gives a small money to a political party or a contestant, simply because he/she believes in the political ideology or views. But the moment the funding becomes big, then the obvious question which comes to mind is …Why? . Take for instance a big telecom company or a big mining tycoon. Why such a company making such a big funding? … Without stressing one’s brain too much, such funding is not in support of the party’s political ideology; it’s being made for some favor. Some policy change when the fund receiver comes to power.

Political Funding is necessary, But you voter must know the source of such funding

But political parties need money to contest elections. Hence stopping such political funding is neither implementable nor logical. If today, companies in Cashless and mobile business are benefiting from the Government policy, then it cannot be said for sure the Government made the policy to return the favor. But what would have been the scenario if you as a voter would have known who funded the political party before the elections. Yes, in that case you could have said something for sure.

Hence the only way out is to make every political funding public or political funding transparent. Making political funding public will serve two purposes, it will not only help voters estimate how much a candidate or a political party spent on an election, but it will also inform you ( the voter) which businesses funded the elections heavily; and are the policies of the new Government are heavily tilted in favor of these Businesses.


To conclude, contesting elections requires money. Hence banning political funding will not help. That apart, State Funding of elections is not possible as there are serious resource, logistical and discretionary hurdles (For example, how to fund every contestant). Hence Political Funding is necessary. But voter must know the source of such funding. Else you as voter will never know what’s guiding Government Policies.’s no method on how to fund and Political Funding is necessary. But voter must know the source of such funding. Else you as voter will never know what’s guiding Government Policies.