Statue of Unity and Mayawati’s Stone Elephants

Whenever I think about BJP Government’s 183 feet tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and Mayawati’s Ambedkar Memorial Park in Lucknow, I come to a conclusion that there are visibly double standards even in 21st century India. And at the root of it is the caste system.

Ever since Mayawati got built the Buddha Jayanti Park in Lucknow, she became the target of all sorts of obscenities, ridicule and criticism by the same people who are now erecting and supporting the 183 feet tall statue of Sardar Patel (Statue of Unity).What was her crime? she spent big money on stone statues of those who are seen as the luminaries in the Dalit World.

The builders and supporters of the Statue of Unity may now extend any remote logic, such as promotion of India’s pride, promotion of tourism, promotion of communal harmony and unity and blah blah blah; but the fact remains the same — If a statue can be hailed for all such remote and indirect reasons now, then why Mayawati’s park was targeted all these years?

If Mayawati’s ambitious Park and elephant sculptures was a big waste of taxpayers’ money , then how can one justify the Statue of Unity, which will take a whopping Rupees 3000 crores to get build. And every penny of this Rs 3000 crores is coming from the Nation’s treasury. If we recall correctly, then Rs 200 crore were even allocated at this year’s Union Budget. And the expense on Statue of Unity doesn’t end at Rs 3k crore. After all, who do you think is paying for the deceptive campaign to collect iron from every Indian village, announcement rally & events, full page advertisements in newspapers and minute long advertisements on TV News Channels? It’s we.

BJP always shouted about the ills of person worship, now it’s spending 3000 crore rupees on a lifeless statue. Irony!

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  • vikas Nov 1, 2014, 9:39 pm

    I agree its waste of money if spent on unity satue