Statue of Unity @ Rs 2500 Crore! …Ridiculous!

A section of Indians are seeing nothing bad in earmarking Rs 200 crore in the Budget 2014 for Rs 2500 crore Sardar Patel Statue — the Statue of Unity. This section of Indians are giving various arguments, right from uniting India, to tourism, to according Sardar Patel his due credit. Unfortunately all these arguments are weak.

Why ?

First is the priority. When the BJP Government is saying time and again that the money situation of the country is bad, then what is the need to create a statue that grand. A rupee spent once can’t be spent twice.

Second, the Government earmarks Rs 100 crore to curb female infanticide. And it earmarks Rs 200 crore on a non-living statue?

Third, when Mayawati made stone statues of Dr. B R Ambedkar, Elephants, her own and Kanshi Ram ; BJP shouted from roof tops , blaming her of misusing tax payers’ money. Now the same BJP is spending truckloads of tax payers’ money on a statue. If it’s wrong to criticize BJP for misusing tax payers’ money, or spending anyone’s money, on a statue; then with what moral strength we criticize the statues made by BSP Government in Lucknow during Mayawati’s tenure?      What Mayawati did with her statues is exactly the same what BJP is trying to do with its. Both are trying to spread their ideologies. That’s why , we can’t criticize Mayawati for her attempts to strengthen the Dalit ideology; while sparing BJP for pushing their Right winged ideology.

All the talk of promotion of tourism through the statue is unnecessary talk. You can justify any thing on the name of patriotism, pride , money return etc. That’s why we must not listen to some clever talk , aimed at just winning the argument.