Sterilisation surgeries in Chhattisgarh… Questions to Ask!

Less than a month ago, 11 women die after sterilisation surgeries in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh. Later it was reported that the drugs used post surgery had traces of Rat poison in them. Today, we are hearing the reports of sixteen people losing their vision after undergoing cataract operation in an eye camp in Gurdaspur Punjab. What does this point to?

That, Life of a human being in India is cheap. More so , of poor and those whose life doesn’t matter much. They also point to how political parties often do the undoable, in the name of policy and ideology.

According to reports, in the yesterday’s incident, a couple of dozen operations were performed on a single day, that too in a room that was not an operation theatre. Since, most cataract patients are elderly, no one even felt the need to follow the basic precautions.

In the Chhattisgarh incident, the Government investigation report finds traces of rat poison in the drugs used. We all are willing to accept that finding, and no one is questioning : Isn’t it weird for a drug to contain Rat Poison?

Drug manufacturing is not any ordinary industry. It’s mandatory for a drug manufacturing plant to work on the standards of GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices. It would have been more palatable excuse, if the investigation would have revealed inferior or low quality drugs. Can’t say of you, but to me, the revelation of Rat poison in a drug is a bit too much imagination. Don’t know, on the part of whom.

Coming to the Policy. Many things are taking place in the country on the name of policy or what enlightened human beings think, is right for fellow human beings. One such area is family planning. For close to 50 years now, India has adopted a policy, which says Family Planning is good. Why? As population is the cause of most of our problems. In fact India is the first country in the world to officially adopt Family planning for its citizens.

Coming to ideology, there are some political ideologies who focus on population more than others. Such parties see population as the root cause of every problem, hence don’t think twice before setting family planning targets to be accomplished. Anyone who talks of ability, nationalism and appeasement of any kind, are also the ones who show intolerance towards population.  Take for instance, Chhattisgarh’s recent incident. In the frenzy of containing population, the Government machinery even sterilized Woman of Bega Tribe. A Tribe, which the Constitution of India says must be preserved. So that it doesn’t extinct. Majority of other woman being sterilized, belonged to poor sections of society.

Population may be a cause of some of our problems. But calling it the cause of all our problems is wrong. Why? As places salubrious for human habitation are always more populated. We all know that India is one such land. Secondly, poor and illiterate people the world over have more children. And that’s not linked to any particular religion or caste.  Thirdly, family planning surgeries is not good solution to contain population.

The solution is : Educating People and improving their level of living.

When people become literate or prosperous, they automatically start having less children. When healthcare becomes life saving, that’s people don’t die in epidemics etc. People tend to procreate less as well. Our forefathers were more siblings as their parents were not sure which of their offsprings will see adulthood.

For this reason, the population graph of every developing developing Nation for some phase sees a growth, followed by a stagnant period and finally starts going down. For this reason, many developed countries are now showing negative growth. That’s they are not having enough babies to make for the dead.

We Indians are not asking the right questions, when the consequences of our fatalistic fascination for population as the root cause of our problems are already showing. In order to keep families small, crores are Girl Child were killed in womb in last three decades. For the larger goal of a prosperous India, poor people are being sterilized by deception (misinformation) .

To conclude: Ask yourself, how many prosperous or well to do or educated people are sterilized, the way poor women in Chhattisgarh were? You will find none. The Government allows them to exercise their right to plan for themselves.

But why does the Government do the same for the poor and the illiterate? Because they are poor and illiterate? If Shashi Tharoor’s Cattle Class comment can offend so many people in prosperous and literate India, then why so much silence on truck loads of human females being towed to sterilization camps?