Logic says: Stop This Lawlessness in the name of “Go Raksha”!

The facts below contradict each other. But only if you are willing see the contradictions.

Saying this, as in recent times, even those people who swear by logic and rule of Law, either fail or conveniently choose NOT to see these contradictions.

The facts are:

  • India has the largest population of Cattle (bovine; example cow, bulls, oxen, other such animals) in the World.
  • India is one of the largest exporters of beef (meat from bovine) in the World.
  • India is one of the largest exporters of leather.
  • Irrespective of our faith, we wear leather shoes and use accessories as preference.
  • Being one of the largest exporters of beef (meat of bovines) means the Government encourages and continuously grants licenses to set up slaughter houses.
  • The Largest number of slaughter house licenses are granted by the Party, at present in power at Centre, that’s the BJP.
  • Just like humans, animals too beget (produce) female and male offspring.
  • Just like humans, the fertility and resulting milk production of cows decrease with age.

Now if you see the contradictions then some questions,

  • How many people have you seen who will continue or continue to take care of a cow, if it stops giving milk or the milk production costs become higher than the money earned by selling it?
  • How many people will keep the same cow from its fertile years to its death as of old age?
  • Do you believe that the leather which you’re using with pride (leather shoes, belts, hand bags) is coming from de-skinning those cattle who die of age?
  • Do you believe it’s possible to become one of the largest leather manufacturers in the World just by de-skinning the cattle which die of age or have a natural death.
  • When a person sells an old cow, what he/she thinks the buyer will do with the purchase?
  • From where the cattle roaming on streets and highways come from?
  • What happens when a cow begets a male offspring?

You may have different answers to the above questions.

The fact is — The leather in the country is not supported by de-skinning the bovines who meet a natural death. The meat industry is not illegal in the country, simply because many of us want it to be. It’s an organized industry. The Government provides licenses for it. As any other profession, people work at every stage of it.

In our society, the age of a Cow (female bovine) is NOT defined by the years it remains fertile (or milk producing). It is defined by profitability. Very few will keep taking care of a cow who eats more and produces less. The fact that you don’t see people feeding old cows in their homes, means that more than anything; cow is also a matter of business.

Hence before raising the slogan of Cow protection:

Take an oath of NOT using Leather.

If you see a cow as a mother and have an emotional connect of such a degree that you can go to any extent to punish a fellow human being for hurting her, then Take care of old cows or non-productive cows (in milk terms). Even if the other person is abandoning them on roads, then make a shed for them and feed them. As abandoning them on roads is not solution here. What is the solution… See how Poultry farm works!

When I see these so-called Go-Raksha Dal goons beating or killing human beings on the name of Go Mata (Cow Mother). I look at my leather shoe… and presume that it was dropped from Sky. As going by the philosophy of these goons, the leather shoe I’m wearing may be a result of NO one’s hard Work.

To conclude, it’s a surprise that a National Political Party like BJP can invent such concepts as “Go Raksha Dals” to get votes. No wonder, their leaders are still reluctant to see the high handedness of these Go-Raksha Dal Goons, as a crime against the Nation. Obviously, they have votes in mind. But now is the time for someone to Speak Out!