Struggling in your weight Loss? Try weight loss or fitness apps

If you are well aware that — You just can’t maintain normal body weight, or keep excess pounds off your body, unless you put in effort in that direction – which includes exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, taking adequate sleep and eating right amount of food say well, and ‘maintaining a written record of what you eat on a daily basis or what you should eat each day’ – then modern day weight loss apps are for you.

As they, cut on the significant effort on the last doable in the above list, that is — ‘maintaining a written record of what you eat on a daily basis or what you should eat each day’.

And let I inform you, the modern day ‘Weight Loss Applications’ are much more effective than using either a paper diary or handheld devices that didn’t offer feedback.

Yes, Feedback is what makes these new “Weight Loss Apps” extremely valuable in your effort to lose weight. An effectiveness, which should make you discard your paper diary; and adopt one of these apps on your smartphone or handheld; and losing weight and staying fit will become much easier.

According to a new study, in which researchers tracked 210 obese adults–most of them women–using either a paper diary or handheld devices that didn’t offer feedback and ones that did. After two years the group that used the device that gave feedback, that is sent notes about diet and fitness lost more weight.

When it comes to losing weight or maintaining a weight that is normal, the importance of ‘Right feedback’ can’t be overlooked. To emphasize on the importance of feedback, it’s rightly said, Honest and right feedback to the right person, boosts confidence and accountability — The factors, which motivate a person both in the short and long run.

When you use one of these modern day ‘weight loss apps’ it helps you not only make itinerary of your doable for each day, week, month effortlessly, They also help you set goals based on feedback for each day, week, month and year. These Goals, are much safe than the ones you make for yourself, one the basis of your desire and peer pressure; as these apps put into perspective your medical condition, your age, height and lifestyle; before advising you something. So if the app finds that shedding that many pounds puts you in anorexic category; then it’s remind you of not losing that much weight OR when what body weight is your normal body weight.

In addition, the apps also help you with your daily food menu: the apps let you know which food components (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals) you’re eating too much; and based on your effort (calories burned, stage of goal reached ) will advice you on the daily, weekly menu.
For those who are not touchy about, friends commenting on their weight loss effort or body appearance; most of these weight loss apps include social factor options; where you can form weight loss aspirant groups on Facebook etc. And this friendly social rivalry, helps you lose weight without losing motivation.

For your Help, here are fitness apps and weight loss apps to choose from.

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