Study Links dieting and future Health Complications

A Florida State University Study spanning more than three decades has found an important link between dieting and future health complications.

The Study by Dr. Pamela Keel began in 1982 by recording the Health dat of 20 year old College going girls. The researchers took the health data of the same participants in 1992, 2002 and 2012. On studying these data, the researchers came to an important conclusion :

The Earlier (Age) a girl starts dieting , the more health complications such as obesity, weight gain, and other health issues, she has to face in her later age.

With the exposure to anorexic dolls like barbie; and with the constant exposure to slim bodies on Television, an increasing number of girls are getting susceptible to a wrong body image at a very small age. Sometimes as small as 9-10 year olds. That’s why the findings of this study are important. The parents must teach their girls to eat well, regularly play some sports and focus on positive pursuits like studies, hobbies etc.