Subramanian Swamy and ‘who between the BJP & the RSS is Bigger!’

If you follow News regularly, then you already know from where Subramanian Swamy-Arun Jaitley latest discord started. Which not surprisingly ended in Swamy’s ‘Blood Shed Comment’ (“If If I was indisciplined, there would be bloodshed” — Swamy said on Saturday).

In case, you don’t know from where it all started, then here’s a brief account.

First, Subramanian Swamy, attacked Modi appointee Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian, calling him as someone furthering US interests, while in India.

If said in other words, Swamy called Arvind Subramanian a person who has been appointed by Modi Government succumbing to USA’s pressure. If Mr. Narendra Modi is Prime Minister of India to further US businesses’ interests in India, then the first step, logically, is to install a person within Finance Ministry. And that person is Arvind Subramanian.

Since the attack on Subramanian Swamy was seen the BJP led Modi Government as a direct attack on Modi; hence Arun Jaitley quickly defended Arvind Subramanian.

Rattled by the Jaitley defending Arvind Subramanian, Subramanian Swamy threatened the BJP led Government by his Blood shed comment.

After the war of words, Subramanian Swamy has backed off; and is now telling his party, that the media took his comment literally. Now Swamy says, by bloodshed, he meant Chaos in the party.

This is it.

As everyone else, you may also be asking or you have already understood by now, what really happended in the Subramaniam Swamy-Arun Jaitly exchange of words.

If one sees the past two years of the Modi Government, then it’s clearly evident that the focus of the new Government is not on the difficulties of the common man living in India. Commodity prices and unemployment is at all time high. And this way, Subramanian Swamy’s comment on Arvind Subramanian can be close to truth.

But the point is, why is he bringing it now. Why not give the Modi Government another three years of its tenure. Who knows, the Government starts focusing on common man’s issues.

Actually, the problem with BJP in power is that it’s difficult to make it accountable. The party has so many mouths that the moment you talk about prices, some fringe group starts talking about International Yoga Day. The moment you talk about unemployment, some fringe group or the party itslf starts talking about skill development. The moment you start talking about lack of development, someone starts talking about the need for a Hindu Rashtra.

The biggest and equally big group is RSS.

When Subramanian Swamy,BJP Leader and Rajya Sabha MP, uses bloodshed to threaten BJP Government’s Minister; he brings to fore the question, who between the BJP and the RSS is bigger! Since Swamy is out of the Government, he assumes that RSS is the bigger of the two; and it’s the RSS which is calling the shots. He’s not to entirely to be blamed, as it’s the new Modi Government which started presenting its report card to the so called Cultural organisation.

But there’s one basic problem in the above thinking.

The problem is: The vote which BJP gets from the support of RSS; and the support which RSS gets by being an ally of BJP; is not hundred percent transferable.

That’s RSS without BJP; or BJP without RSS, will only lose compared to when they stand united.

Neither the BJP nor the RSS should remain in the illusion that they will benefit standing alone. You will find many people who vote for BJP, as RSS says them to. In the same way, you will also find people who say good things about RSS since it’s seen with BJP.

This can be explained this way. Last time when BJP came to power under Vajpayee, the party got 25 percent vote. In 2014 after massive Modi wave, the party got 30 percent vote. And in 2014, RSS was actively supporting BJP.