Does Subrata Roy Sahara’s arrest proves Police’s double Standards?

We often hear people criticize the way rich, influential and powerful people are treated differently by the Police. Deep inside our hearts we do want the police humiliate and manhandle the rich and powerful, the way they handle the common man. This sadist feeling inside the hearts of countless people is well understood by the media; that’s why a police personnel slapping or manhandling a rich, powerful or influential individual, always makes for a good news.

That said, wouldn’t it be better if police treat every citizen of this country, with the same dignity, it treats the rich and powerful? That’s instead of we secretly praying for the rich and powerful’s humiliation at the hands of police; what if we pray for the same dignified treatment for every citizen of the country?

Take for instance, the recent arrest of Sahara Group Chairman Subrata Roy Sahara. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court ordering the arrest of subrata Roy and present him before a Court by March 04; the arrest of Subrata Roy was imminent. But the day his arrest was made, he was escorted to he CJM Court with dignity. At no instance, the police pushed or pulled or humiliate him.

Now many among us will see it as a double standard. If a common man or a poor man is slapped, pushed, pulled, kicked or caned by the Police; then why a rich get a treatment any different? I think we need to change our view point, and instead of seeing the treatment given to Subrata Roy as a privilege; we see the ‘manner of arrest of Subrata Roy’ as the Test example of how an ideal arrest must be made.

Police treats the rich, powerful, influential and well connected individuals with dignity, as they (police) understand that acting in ways ultra-vires (surpassing the power given by the Law or acting beyond ones powers) with these people can put the police in a difficult situation. That apart, since the rich people like Subrata Roy have a team of Lawyers to inform him of his legal rights; hence the police has to think twice before taking any step. Thus, while dealing with rich and powerful people; the police is not afraid of the rich person, the police is afraid of the Law.

Actually the way the police treats the rich and powerful, is the way it must act in all the cases. In a country where the rule of law is supreme, the police has no power to mistreat people. It has no right to derive the confession by coercion as well. If police acts violently towards the accused, or if it humiliates him/her, it acts illegally.