Does Supreme Court want Parliament to probe Rafale Deal?

Did Supreme Court of India give the Government a clean chit in the Rafale deal?

It appears that it has NOT.

The Court seems to have said this ONLY: The court has ONLY limited power over such issues.

And because of its limited power, it is NOT the correct place where such matters can be decided.

So which is the correct place to look into alleged corruption in transactions such as Rafale deal ?

It is the Parliament.

rafale deal clean chit, rafale deal jpc, modi govt rafale corruptionBecause Rafale deal involves some elements of secrecy, hence any corruption allegations must be looked into by the Parliament.

So in this light, the demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to look into the Rafale deal seems quite reasonable. The Modi Government must not hesitate to constitute one.

It was quite clear from day one that ONLY a JPC would help in the Rafale Corruption allegations.

It seems that the recent Supreme Court judgement in the case, also tries to convey this point: No one must expect the Court to decide something based on limited facts.

In other words, the Court has tried to make it clear that unless it is provided adequate facts to work upon, it cannot proceed beyond a particular point. In a way, the court has shifted this fact finding responsibility to the Parliament.

It is quite reasonable for the Court to do so. Every fact which the Court acted upon so far, was either supplied by the Modi Government in the sealed cover (secrecy) or was told by the Govt. Lawyer to the Court. In such a scenario, the Court has no way to go beyond that.

To conclude, the Government must not hesitate in constituting a JPC now. The findings of such a committee can logically be followed by a meaningful debate in Parliament. Without a JPC… a parliamentary debate will be meaningless.