Supreme Court’s Stay on New Cattle Sale Rules | A respite for ALL in Cattle Economy

These days news reports have a spin in them. The spin is so subtly put that it becomes impossible for an ordinary reader to become aware of it. This spin can be intentional or unintentional. It’s unintentional when someone with a same ideological leaning (portrayed in the news report) writes the News report. It’s intentional when money elements dictate how something must be reported.

But irrespective of the reasons behind such articles with spin, they have a potential of making very understandable information, entirely illogical. Thus although the spin is not always wrong, still it dilutes the information or misinforms.

Before giving you an example of a seemingly intentionally twisted news report; Lets see a yesterday’s News without any twist, or least twist. The idea is to make it as plain as possible.

Following the Madras High court’s stay(stop till a further date or hearing) on May 30 2017 on the Central Government’s new rules banning the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered a three-month stay on the New Rules. Thus the Union Government’s  news rules banning the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter will not be implemented at least for the next three months or till the next hearing. With the stay, the Supreme Court has extended the Madras High Court stay on cattle trade rules to entire India.

The Supreme Court’s stay on the new rules brings some respite for all those who are part of the cattle economy of the country which includes– the farmers, cattle rearers, milk producers, meat producers, cattle sellers, cattle traders, hide processors, hide and meat traders, dairy & leather product sellers, others etc.

In the above two paragraphs, we tried to present the News with least spin. It’s important here to understand that even News Reports with no or relatively less spin can also be seen as opinionated; but if the idea is to put forward plain information with all facts intact, then it’s possible to keep the spin to a minimum. For instance, in the above presentation, while focusing on the result of this stay, we listed all those who will get some relief from the stay, that’s the farmers, cattle rearers, milk producers, cattle sellers, cattle traders, hide and meat traders etc. We have NOT said the stay comes as a big respite for farmers only or those in meat industry only. We listed everyone who forms the Cattle economy in the country. Now read this News report, you will instantly see what emotions it wants you to have. There’s a much more balanced report (with far less intentional spin) here. You will see the difference in no time.

To conclude, it’s important to read News reports with a clear awareness that they may have some spin. If you’re unsure of any intentional twist, then re-read the report. The second time around you will surely get it. Developing this habit will surely save us from misinformation by way of spin in news reports.