Surgical Operations Happened in Past, this time made Public: Government Accepts

People such as Anurag Kashyap, Mita Vashisht, Swara Bhaskar and anyone else who tried to question the present Modi led NDA Government on its flip-flops with respect to Government’s policy on Pakistan, are an easy target for anyone who doesn’t want to question the present Government at all.

With people such as Arnab Goswami, Maj. Gen. GD Bakshi and Anupam Kher at helm, it’s no surprise that intellectuals within the Film Fraternity such as Saeed Akhtar Mirza are being shouted at and asked to prove their patriotism for the country.

Hence it’s futile to ask as to how what Salman Khan said after the Uri Attack is different from what the Government did at the same time.

It’s futile because after telling his ministers and party men to act restraint with their utterings in public in context to Surgical Strikes after Uri Attacks, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is busy comparing the Indian Army’s surgical strikes with the covert operations of the Israeli forces. His own minister within days of the operation, publicly demanded why the credit must go the PM. The other people linked to the party and Government have not stopped either.

It’s up to the PM, how he handles the present situation, it’s for the people to credit or discredit him or the Government for Surgical Strikes (Actually Operation, as Surgical Strikes are done from air, Modi adds new nomenclature for old concept). But one thing can be cleared here.

Rather than saying : The Indian Army on September 29, 2016 did the first “cross border strikes”, one should say, such strikes took place in the past as well. And hence are not unique to this Government. The only difference is, this time around the Government went public with it.

No, this is not something being made out of air.

Yesterday when PM was comparing the September 29, 2016 operation with Israel’s covert Operations, the officials of the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of External Affairs were briefing a group of Parliamentarians including Rahul Gandhi, about the said event.

It’s being reported that although Congress vice president didn’t ask any question, the members of the parliamentary panel on foreign affairs asked Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar and the Vice Chief of the Indian Army if the September 29 strikes were the first “cross border strikes”. To the question, Mr Jaishankar accepted that strikes happened before but they have been made public for the first time.

This is what was being said from the day one. Questioning the tall claims made by the Government on September 29 operations was not a criticism of Army. Just like any other employee under Government employment they are doing their duty. They are guarding the borders and they must be commended for a work successfully done. But questioning the Government doesn’t mean questioning or hitting the morale of Indian Army. I think what is being questioned is the political desire to take credit for the event, which is not a good thing to do, if one is talking about Country First.

And more importantly: If such operations took place in the past, then why the Government is telling the public, such operation took place for the first time. Is the Government feeding two truths at the same time… One that’s told at Parliamentary Committee, and the other that’s for the consumption of the masses!